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Comment 29 Jun 2020

Found it: https://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/11/urban-meyer-had-a-meltdown-over-this-hit-against-dwayne-haskins

This is so bad on so many levels. It's a late-hit, targeting for what should be a 15 yard penalty and ejection. Instead Urban gets a 15 yard penalty AND there was no review of the play buzzed down by the replay official (as was done in the game vs Clemson)

Comment 29 Jun 2020

I'd say the problem lies with the rule itself rather than the referees. I posted this above, but I feel that this mirrors the NFL issues with defining a catch. The refs made the "correct" calls by the rule book but the rule was so awful that it caused the controversy. Similarly I think the targeting rule is a poorly defined rule, that leads to refereeing issues. The main gripe I would have with officials is the number of non-calls on targeting that also fit the exact definition of targeting (first one that comes to mind is the late hit on Haskins by a UM Linebacker as Haskins slid)

Comment 28 Jun 2020

Don't get me wrong, I think that this portion of the rule really needs to get looked at. Especially since they don't seem to discern a Safety lowering his head on a WR, to a LB lowering his head vs a RB, to a RB lowering his head vs a LB, vs any player lowering their head on the QB. The likelihood of each being called targeting probably goes High, Low, Never, High. My hope is that this rule goes the way of the "catch/no catch" rule in the NFL. The letter of the law with catches caused so many high profile issues (Megatron, Dez, Jesse James) that the NFL knew it needed a fix. So it really wasn't the refs fault but for the way the rule is phrased. I'm thinking that at least we should be seeing a Flagrant 1/ Flagrant 2 concept. In 4 of those games we lost a top 3 defender on our defense (Roby, Bosa, Bosa, Wade) in a game decided by 10 pts or less

Comment 05 Nov 2018
I do think that stubbornness is some aspect of the issue. I sincerely don't understand how Schiano is relying on schemes that we don't have the personnel for. However, I think the biggest issue is the development of players at particular positions. There have been stark differences between position groups who have developed and those who haven't based on coaching. Think of the players who came in as lower ranked or seemed to develop out of nowhere. Those that developed (Lee, Hooker, Baker, Conley) were coached by (Fickell, Coombs), while those that haven't (2017 WRs, 2017/18 LBs) were coached by (Davis, Smith). It is even more stark when you see players coached by multiple coaches. Think of where JT went from Herman to Beck. Or where the WRs went from Smith to Hartline. I think this season is a direct indictment of Davis and possibly even Stud. At the end of the day, we signed two of the top 3 olineman from 2017 and the top center in 2018 and none of them are seeing the field. You can say what you want about Urban but you know he's listening to Stud when he asks who the guys are that should play. This line would look completely different if Myers and Davis were on either side of Jordan
Comment 19 Oct 2018
Tiebreaker rules would indicate to pull for UM to beat Sparty. If Sparty wins then OSU would likely have to beat MSU and UM to make the big ten title game (both would have one conference loss and beating us would give them the tiebreaker). UM wins and gives Sparty their 2nd conference loss. In that scenario we could still drop the Sparty game and beat UM in Columbus to make it to Indy
Comment 11 Jul 2018
Honestly I still have some reservations on the wideouts. I'm just not sure if I trust someone to make the two or three plays you need to win a tough game on the road (@psu, @sparty). Think of our big road/neutral wins and they almost always involve big plays from the receivers : 2014 @ sparty (Thomas and Smith x2) 2016 @ OU (noah brown x4)
Comment 04 Jan 2014

Philly doesn't deserve any of that. The team wins as a team and loses as a team. Yeah his mistake looms large with how the game ended up, but a great team would have picked him up and still won the game. I guess we're not a great team

Comment 23 Jul 2013

I'm really surprised about the situations for Gardner and Baugh. Gardner worked hard to get his scholarship offer and to throw it away like that seems absurd. Baugh has always seemed well spoken and this could just be a case of him making a simple mistake. As far as Roby goes, I'm not sure what to make of his situation because of the fact that it occurred in Bloomington. I can't imagine that there were many fans of his at the bar and this could have led to an overblown situation. 

I honestly can't say I am surprised with what occurred with Hyde. As mentioned above he definitely had issues with his senior year of high school (why he had to go to Fork Union) and the shouting matches with coaches over playing time are both huge red flags. There have been those above who have expressed his well spoken manner. However, there are plenty of people on campus, I included, who have seen Carlos cause trouble at bars, especially with those of the opposite sex. Take that for what its worth, but I would not be surprised if the allegations are true, even if I sincerely hope they are not.  Go bucks