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Born in Australia in '94 but moved to ohio in 2000/01 and been a buckeye fan since! I call ohio my home. Went to the great football school/town of centerville #EPND.. I played with Bennett in HS


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sugar bowl against bama with my mom (her first osu game)
  • NFL TEAM: Colts

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Comment 02 Apr 2016
Just a quick note.. to Eric seger and Kevin.. the guy in Erics picture is not there to sell anything. He is a HUGE ohio state fan and he has portable the best osu man cave ever! He was getting the helmet signed to put in his man cave, I would appreciate it yout guys didn't make false accusations. You guys should actually interview him and go see his man cave.
Comment 14 Oct 2015

Really?? the pic he has to use is against my alma mater Centerville, ive been following Braxton more many, especially since I played against him.. the things he did to us was amazing! I have TREMENDOUS respect for Braxton, I knew he would do special things at OSU.. look up Centerville vs wayne playoff thriller for some of his amazingness.. BEST HS football game ive ever been apart of

Comment 15 Aug 2015

it is the 8 positions groups and special teams, heard meyer talk about it during one of the interviews from when they were there Monday so yes special teams is part of it

Comment 29 Jul 2015
Yea, my dad just got our tickets in section 31 on the OSU side
Comment 29 Jul 2015
Yea the hotels are booked.. me and my dad are staying about 1 hr away in WV
Comment 28 Jul 2015

Just found out im going! my dad is in Blacksburg this week for work then goes back the week of the game.. so im staying with him in the hotel then we going to the game! it will by my 4th osu game ( purdue, TTUN(2010) and the sugar bowl this past season) it will be his 3rd game ( the same first 2 as me) I am super pumped!