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Comment 05 Apr 2019

It seems like PSU recruits better regionally from PA and NJ, both sources of tremendous wrestling talent.  Once the coaches get the recruit in the door, then it's a question of environment -- and it seems like State College/NLWC is a good place for developing as a wrestler.  (Note however for the amount of talent they attract, it's tricky to say if the roster is under-performing, over-performing, or performing as expected)
Additionally, PSU has recruited better nationally (i.e. Taylor, Brown, Hall, and Nickal).  OSU did dominate in 2015 with two national champs vs. PSU's one, but that was exceptional.  Every other year since 2011 has been PSU at NCAA's.
OSU has won the conference a number of times recently, which is not too shabby.  But more individual PSU wrestlers have tended to place very high at the national level over the past 9 years.
Individual talent within a focused training environment (coaches and other wrestlers) are all factors.
The skill, conditioning, resilience, etc. of the entire team is likely more important than just a few individual personalities.

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Since Buck68 raised the issue, here's the comparison between the dual meet and the B1G tournament:
(dual) Drew Mattin (U-M) dec. Malik Heinselman, 12-6  [U-M, 3-0]
(tourney) Mattin = 7th, Heinselman = 9th
(dual) Stevan Micic (U-M) major dec. Luke Pletcher, 14-1  [U-M, 7-0]
(tourney) Pletcher = 2nd, Micic = 6th
(dual) Joey McKenna (OSU) tech. fall Kanen Storr, 18-3 (6:10)  [U-M, 7-5]
(tourney) McKenna = 1st, Storr = 5th
(dual) Micah Jordan (OSU) major dec. Malik Amine, 17-4  [OSU, 9-7]
(tourney) Jordan = 2nd, Amine = 8th
(dual) Alec Pantaleo (U-M) dec. Ke-Shawn Hayes, 3-2  [U-M, 10-9]
(tourney) Pantaleo = 3rd, Hayes = 7th
(dual) Logan Massa (U-M) dec. Kaleb Romero, 7-2  [U-M, 13-9]
(tourney) Massa = 3rd, Campbell = 6th
(dual) Myles Amine (U-M) dec. Ethan Smith, 3-2  [U-M, 16-9]
(tourney) Amine = 2nd, Smith = 6th
(dual) Myles Martin (OSU) tech. fall J.T. Correll, 24-9 (6:42)  [U-M, 16-14]
(tourney) Martin = 1st, Embree = did not place
(dual) Kollin Moore (OSU) dec. Jackson Striggow, 12-5  [OSU, 17-16]
(tourney) Moore = 2nd, Striggow = did not place
(dual) Mason Parris (U-M) dec. Chase Singletary, 6-3  [U-M, 19-17]
(tourney) Parris = 7th, Singletary = did not place