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Comment 04 Aug 2014

Thank you MMan for this post, I didn't want to look all of those resources up. I would like to also add the Econtalk podcast on "price gouging,"  which is a thorough discussion of the ends and outs of pricing and incentives during a crisis: 


In addition to echoing your points, and additional two points: 

1.  There is no such thing as "the price" or "the value."  In 1850 if you found oil on your land... your land is now worthless, couldn't use it for farming.  In 2012, if you are dirt poor and own 1000acres of useless rock in east Texas that you bought for $30 an acre and oil companies find natural gas on... you are now literally the Beverly hillbillies.  

2.  It is a completely false dichotomy to say the choice is between plentiful water at $3/case and being gouged at $15/case (or whatever).  The choice is between no water available at any store, or some water being preserved for truly dire situations at $15/case.

Comment 10 May 2014

To be fair one on those "assaults" was for being orally pleasured by a freshman in HS while he was a senior. 

That said, I agree at the Bengals decision making is baffling and Hyde would have been a much better choice.   

Comment 23 Apr 2014

While I realize that OSU athletics doesn't take money directly from the academic side, I think the hypocrisy is so sweet that most of the faculty and administration of universities drone on about evil, greedy corporations, social justice, etc...  And yet, when "their" money and profits are on the line, it is amazing how closely their behavior mimics that of a profit maximizing enterprise.  The same being true for tuition but that's another story entirely...