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Comment 06 Apr 2020
When my grandfather was in his last days battling thyroid cancer, my mom (an ER nurse practitioner) couldn't bear to give him meds. I kept reminding her he never wanted (or needed) to be in pain. She finally listened to me, but her normal instincts just didn't kick in when it was her daddy. Some days one of us would be strong and then the roles would reverse. We just kept trying to remind each other of what he wanted. Situations like that are just so hard.
Comment 04 Apr 2020
Congrats, BornandBred! Sometimes a new job can jumpstart other parts of our lives too. I'm sure you'll do awesome!
Comment 04 Apr 2020
As a part time employee in a medical office, I just knew I'd be put on furlough. But my manager fought for me and I'm now working more hours than ever thanks to COVID19. It was a huge blessing! I'm able to help my doctor continue caring for our patients in this strange time. My paycheck normally all goes toward insurance premiums for my family (that's why I work), but now I'll have a little extra to add to our car fund (both vehicles with 250k+ miles and counting). Thanks for the topic. There are always things to be grateful for if we just take the time to look for them!
Comment 03 Apr 2020
When I find myself feeling anxious and worried about this it is normally after I've been watching too much news. Listening to everyone else discuss and hype things up just weighs on a person after awhile. I work in a family practice office and we are constantly being given more info. I have to keep it on check so I don't panic. I know how to protect myself and be smart. I can't let the hype get me worked up or I'd go insane! Make smart choices. Be informed, but not obsessed. Distract yourself with hobbies. Stay safe, everyone. This will end!
Comment 24 Mar 2020
I work in a family practice office (Monday and Wednesday) . We're still seeing urgent patients this week (but routing possible COVID19 patients to designated sites). We're working to change most other visits to virtual visits, but our IT just wasn't ready for it. Yesterday was torture trying to get different applications working properly. I homeschool my girls (9 and 11) so life hasn't been much different for the rest of the week. The plan is to shut our office down completely next week with us working remotely. I've been asking for this for 2 years so I'm hoping it happens. I can put out a lot of fires on my days home via laptop which allows me to be more productive on my days in office.
Comment 21 Mar 2020
Great information and advice! Thanks. Stay safe, everyone. A little bit of common sense and care will go a long way right now. My daughters and I made cards for the 50 residents and 30 workers at my dad's assisted living community. The days are long for him and others that can't go out or have visitors.
Comment 23 Feb 2020
I was going through the hiring process while 36 weeks pregnant with my first daughter. It came time for the drug screen (no problem to ask a lady that pregnant to pee!). I was given instructions and a cup and went to the special bathroom. You know the one - no running water to the sink, no paper towels, etc. After collecting my specimen, I accidentally knocked it over trying to set it on the counter. There I was with urine all over the counter and floor (and none in the container) and no way to clean it up. I just sat there not real sure what to do. Finally I opened the door. The poor lady in HR was so kind to me. I think she could sense I was almost in tears (darn hormones). She got stuff so I could clean it up. It was one of my most embarrassing moments!