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Comment 01 Jan 2017
It's the players not the coaches. Most of the time. You guys kill me. So excited to have these OK lineman stick around. Recruiting better lineman is the key! Urds is too much about the position player instead of the most important part of the game... The line. The fucking line. Sucked most of the year. We just now played a good team. Oh shit, our li e is OK? Could have filled the world tonight.
Comment 01 Jan 2017
What the hell are you talking about? Beat Indy? Smoke another. Sam is gone! He too should be 1St round material. They need to spend more time on recruiting O lineman. That's what the good teams do. All I hear about are the qb's and wr's coming in. Well they don't mean shit if you can't block!! Suckeyes tonight. A month to plan and the best you could do is 31-0? Suckeyes tonight