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Comment 16 Jun 2017

And Ayo Dosunmu, a 6'4" 185 lb PG from Chicago.  He is a top 30 player in all the rankings.  

You can tell that the new staff is really concentrating on the guard positions in most of the offers that have come out the last few days.  

I believe Ahrens is not going to get an offer from the new staff.  It will be interesting to see if Goodwin keeps his offer or not. 

Comment 23 Feb 2017

Sullinger is going to have to really work on his weight issues if he wants to stick in the league.  He will be hard pressed to find a multi year contract if he continues to have the weight issue.  He is a very solid bench player when at a good playing weight. 

Hope he gets it done!

Comment 04 Jan 2016

For future reference the rest of the season the OSU basketball ticket office keeps back a ton of tickets for each game and they end up releasing them anywhere from 3 days to 3 hours before a game.  Yesterday they released a ton of behind the basket club seats and a few other higher up lower level seats 3 hours before the game.  No idea why you would wait that long to release them but they did.

So, just check Ticketmaster occasionally leading up to home games and you could find some decent seats for face.

Comment 04 Feb 2015
I agreec with this. Great move by Conley and he would have beat Bledsoe but Gasol trips him with his foot. Love how good Conley has become.
Comment 24 Mar 2014

I think next year is pretty simply personally.  Of course no one can ever know if a guy is going to take a step and be better than people think he will be but this is what I think.  This is also assuming no other players are brought in (IE Turner, transfer, or JUCO)

PG - Scott

SG - Russell

SF - Thompson

PF - Loving

C - Amir

Bench: MacDonald - C

            Bates-Diop - SF/PF I think he gets starter minutes between the 2 positions.

            Kam - SG/PG

            Tate - SF

            Bell - An an ideal world he redshirts but with only 11 scholarship players I really think he is going to have to play minutes.


Lets hope the kid from Temple comes here or there is some JUCO we don't know about.  Rolling with 10 players and 4 of them being true freshman could be rough.

Comment 24 Mar 2014

Totally blanked on Loving.  My apologies.  I think Loving will start at PF most likely now that I think about it. 


Comment 25 Feb 2014

I agree that if anyone with any sense is advising Ross, then he will be back.  Going on that assumption and also assuming Turner will not pick the Buckeyes I think this is your main rotation next year.  If Turner were to pick OSU then we would be on a whole different level and most likely a top 5 team pre season.

Scott, Russell, Thompson, Ross, Amir will be your starters.  I really think Russell's shooting and basketball IQ will allow him to be a starter from the beginning.

Bates-Diop and Loving will be the 1st off the bench for the forwards, and Trey at C.   ADV and Williams I think will be the key.  They are going to have to give some productive minutes at the guard spots to give Scott and Russell some bench time.  Tate is a wild card right now with the shoulder surgery, if he proves to be healthy I think he could get whatever minutes are left at the SF spot.  Bell most likely will redshirt.