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Comment 25 May 2017

The losses to MSU in 98' and 2015' were awful and still stand as my lowest moments as a Buckeye fan. I couldn't even read your write up on either of those games. I seriously got ill seeing them mentioned. 2015 MSU was an unmasking of all the offensive issues that were left behind the departure of Tom Herman. Zeke's health, Play Calling, poor weather and MSU Defense who could line up with anyone that year was simply too much to over. The 98' loss turns my stomach simply because up to that point it was the most talented Buckeye team I had ever seen and to fall to an average at best MSU team that afternoon was shocking. Then to know Saban was at the control's of that MSU team absolutely drives me further into a slump. Ugh.

Comment 19 May 2017

Yeah he's doing good things in the city. No doubt he's shown his face at Winton Woods as well. A former central Ohioan who now lives in Cincy area, the HS football down here is serious business and the pipelines stay flush with talent having some of the best youth football programs in the country.

Comment 17 May 2017

The Football talent down here in Cincy comes in waves. These kids are hungry for the game. I work at a GCL HS and the grade school kids are chomping at the bit in the 6th grade for football. Fickell and UC football is growing its brand heavy in the Catholic Schools, but I think Urban takes what he wants from the area and keeps it moving. The crazy thing is the amount of talent down here will still allow Fickell to build a solid program that will compete and attend major bowls.

Comment 15 Apr 2017

Joe Burrow tho!!! If I'm Urban Im sitting Dixon right now. Nothing more to see here. When healthy he a threat... 

Comment 15 Apr 2017

Wow this offense....Whats most impressive is how open guys are!!! I love the usage of AJ Alexander!!!