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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 Natl Championship
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
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Comment 08 Aug 2019
Archie, Eddie, Mo, Beanie, Carlos, Zeke, and now JK. Wow it's amazing as a die hard Buckeye fan how blessed we have been at the tailback position! Cant wait for Dobbins to tote the rock this year. He is always smiling even though hes looking to rip opposing fans heart out with every carry. He will go down as one of the best to ever wear a Buckeye uni imo.
Comment 02 Jun 2019
Kerkvliet is a beast and is going to be fun to watch the next 4/5 years. It will be interesting to watch all the young studs (Sasso, Jordan, D'emilio, Kharchla, Decatur) develope, grow, and push each other for individual and team championships. Good luck to Chase and Greg in the freestyle U23 Worlds!
Comment 28 May 2019
Gotta love coach Holt. Hes well exceeded my expectations in just 2 yrs. These early season test will prepare the bucks for a big NCAA tourney run. Next yrs team will easily be the best we've seen since Sully, Craft , Diebler. .
Comment 27 May 2019
What a fun team to watch. The run through the big ten tourney was very entertaining. They will have their hands full with the best team in college this yr. They are a very young team and have that playing with house money mentality so anything could happen. I will be tuned in to watch Canzone, Dingler, and Cherry continue their great seasons. Magno has been lights out and hopefully he gets a few more save opportunities.
Comment 25 Apr 2019
I will be irate if hes on the board at 11 and the Bengals pass. In the same breath I will understand because the Bengals have the worse owner in all of sports. I dont think he will drop pass pick 10 though. Hes far too talented and all the junk we are hearing about him sliding in the national media is all smoke screens imo.
Comment 28 Mar 2019
One of my favorite buckeyes of all time regardless of sport. Jaggers, Snyder, Nato and Mymar have help make the Buckeyes a wrestling juggernaut/powerhouse. I will never forget Mymar beating Bo Nickel and winning the national championship his freshman yr. Right up there with the 02 and 15 football championship for me. Myles celebrating with his dad after winning the championship will be etched into my memory forever! Thanks Myles for being a great ambassador not only for the University but for the sport of wrestling as well.
Comment 23 Feb 2019
That's pretty cool. I think everyone understands that college football is a team sport. We also know that the majority of teenagers are coming to OSU to get to the league and get paid. Not only to provide for themselves but their families as well. It's a great way to not only brand the player but it brings more attention to the team as well. Win win. The Predator is going to wreck havoc next yr and I cant wait to see what the rest of this d-line can do. LJ has some studs that he can rotate in and out.
Comment 10 Jan 2019
Cant wait to see Fields in S & G. He has all the tools to be really special. He has that 'it' factor in spades if you have seen his any of his youtube clips. He will have a plethora of talent with Dobbins/Teague, Hill/Olave, Berry/Ruckert etc. to get the ball to. The hype reminds me of Pryor coming in his freshman year. Spring game can't get here soon enough.
Comment 26 Nov 2018
They have a very talented borderline NFL signal caller and their freshman rb is a stud. I believe he (Bowser) was Ohios mr football mvp last year for Sidney. He is tough and hard to tackle with just one guy. They will try to dink and dunk and pound the ball to try to keep our offense off the field. I think this game will be close until the 4th qtr and we pull away late 38-20. Huge Texas fan th the s week..
Comment 09 Nov 2018
After reading the Buckeye message boards for 20 years its obvious that some OSU fans act worse than spoiled entitled children. Its comical to read some of the comments. Haskins is a stud and will only get better the more experience he gets. I would luv to see Urban get one more yr with him so we can see his development. Imagine if we had a top 10 defense and a better o-line...