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Comment 08 Jan 2019
Yeah, last night he retweeted the OSU announcement of new coaches Hafley and Mattison Plus a separate tweet saying "welcome coach hafley"
Comment 04 Jan 2019
I'm with you. I remember the under cooked fried turkey, the great hush puppies, The people there and I remember more than anything catching the yellow flag fly across the bottom corner of the screen, barely in sight, as everyone was screaming in disgust and not paying attention. Then I screamed over all of them FLAG! FLAG! And the room stopped almost at once and after what seemed like an eternity, they finally announced it.
Comment 16 Mar 2018
Tom's mom was my 2nd grade teacher at McKinley Elementary School in Lakewood and his dad was the football coach at Lakewood High when they actually competed with the football powers in the state and played Ed's every year (now Lakewood HS is a joke in football). Anyway, his mom made him go to St. ED's so he wouldnt be playing for his dad (who also played in the AFL for the Oakland Raiders). While he was in the NFL, even after leaving the Browns, Tom would come to visit his mother's classes and hand out autographed pictures. I came across mine a few months back, actually. His appearences were informal but they would stop the show on the enitre floor of the school (it was an open floor plan with just dividers between classes). All the kids loved him and the Browns, of course, especially since their were almost zero bandwagon Steeler fans in Cleveland in those days. Whats funny is that one of my biggest memories of his visit is of the stundent teacher all giddy like she was in the front row of a beattles concert, barely able to hold herself together when Tom showed up unbeknownst to anyone but his mom. His mom even teased her after Tom left.
Comment 13 Jan 2018
I'd have said Kelly Bundy or Mallory Keaton. Hell, Chrissy in those bra-less tops on Threes Company. The 5 yr old me knew a fine piece even back then...who am i kidding, even now I can't pass up watching Threes Company if I happen to land on it.
Comment 03 Jan 2018
Its my understanding that, in court, sexual harassment suits almost never can be substantiated without some physical evidence (video/audio/digital and several instances).
Comment 30 Dec 2017
Mentioning Re’veion Hargrove and K-State immediately makes me think of Darren Sproles. Basically the same size and similar high school careers. Looking like a guy that will end up at Michigan State and thrive like Sproles did at K-State.
Comment 27 Dec 2017
Wasn't it Munford who subbed in for an injured Prince vs Michigan? Pancaked "the great" Chase Winovich on his first play.
Comment 24 Dec 2017
Packers will see a small fine at worst. Some made up "spirit of the rule" nonsense as the excuse. If the Browns did this they would undoubtedly be branded as cheats and forced to release the player immediately or face loss of numerous draft picks.
Comment 22 Dec 2017
This is how MSU recruits. You don't committ unless you're 110% bought in and you shut down your recruitment. Take visits and lose your scholarship because you were supposed to be certain when committing. They obviously can't get many 5 stars and especially not the look at me, wine me dine me types with that approach. In fact they had a class a couple years back where they did land a few national level high 4 star recruits which is unusual for them. All those guys got booted in short order if Im not mistaken. They do far better with the low 3 star blue collar guys and have continued to compete with anyone in the country. They've been the only real big ten thorn in osu's side over the past decade
Comment 22 Dec 2017
Penn St mined some serious talent from right under Coopers nose in Ohio. McDuffie (Marion), Ki-Jana (Westerville), Joe Jurevicius (Mentor Lake Catholic), Jeff Hartings (St. Henry and HS teammate with OSU recruits Bobby Hoying and Kevin Niekamp). Seems similar to the MSU run of mining Ohio of recruits and grooming it into NFL talent. Brian Hoyer, Javon Ringer, Jerel Worthy, Denicos Allen, Leveon Bell, Marcus Rush, Connor Cook, Joel Heath, Kurtis Drummond, and now current starters like LJ Scott, Chris Frey, Luke Campbell, Justin Layne, the Dowell brothers, Joe Bachie, Josiah Scott, their punter, their kicker and the Kick Returner Connor Heyward while not from Ohio, is the younger brother of OSU legacy Cam Heyward
Comment 13 May 2017
I'd want the two weeks paid vacation. In fact, when I was in a similar situation I used THE day to quietly say goodbyes to my coworkers then after lunch I told my direct boss I was putting in my two weeks. I was then called into his boss's office where I was given an exit interview of sorts in which I was asked where I was going, why and for how much. In my case it was a competitor and in a different state. There was no keeping me there so they didn't really try. I was allowed to clean out my desk in peace and leave quietly after the meeting with 2 weeks paid. If you have interest in being given a counter offer then approach it that way. If not, then just be honest and straightforward. Ask if you can speak with them for a moment privately. Tell your direct manager you've been offered (and accepted) elsewhere and you're putting in your two weeks notice. Most bosses get it, they've been there done that and dealt with it too as managers.