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Comment 13 May 2017
I'd want the two weeks paid vacation. In fact, when I was in a similar situation I used THE day to quietly say goodbyes to my coworkers then after lunch I told my direct boss I was putting in my two weeks. I was then called into his boss's office where I was given an exit interview of sorts in which I was asked where I was going, why and for how much. In my case it was a competitor and in a different state. There was no keeping me there so they didn't really try. I was allowed to clean out my desk in peace and leave quietly after the meeting with 2 weeks paid. If you have interest in being given a counter offer then approach it that way. If not, then just be honest and straightforward. Ask if you can speak with them for a moment privately. Tell your direct manager you've been offered (and accepted) elsewhere and you're putting in your two weeks notice. Most bosses get it, they've been there done that and dealt with it too as managers.
Comment 07 Feb 2017
Here I was thinking this was going to be a thread about whatever the new, must have pre/post workout supplement gnc/men's fitness magazine is pimping this month.
Comment 05 Feb 2017
Hull is a pretty legendary southern Louisiana coach. Like Ted Ginn in Cleveland, Hull resurrected an inner city team that hadn't done much in half a century. He knows the area and has the ear of the HS coaches. LSU switching coaches this year probably created a short term anomaly where he can get the jump on them for more than just lower end fringe recruits for LSU like the past couple years.
Comment 04 Feb 2017
Lived down the hall from Travis Prentice at Miami University. I remember him power cleaning 405. That dude was a beast. Same size as Barkley now. Was pumped when the Browns drafted him.
Comment 04 Feb 2017
Barkley was 5'11" 190 lbs when he enrolled at PSU. Slade is 5'9" 195 lbs right now with another year of HS to still grow through.
Comment 04 Feb 2017
Will be interesting to see how penn st incorporates these h-back types with a traditional back getting heavy carries. Could look a lot like osu, I guess. They're real excited about journey brown too who went under the radar in rexruiting. Broke all kinds of state rushing records and a state sprinting champion
Comment 04 Feb 2017
Harbaugh ran into his car when he was 7 yrs old living in iowa city. Supposedly hairball has been telling the story for years. Mcgivern was the driver of the car when crazy Harbaugh ran into the side of it. I guess they connected last week when Jimmy was visiting Oliver Martin in Iowa city.
Comment 25 Jan 2017
What I gathered was Swenson had surgery before his senior season. That would make a June camp highly unlikely. I find it hard to believe he (swenson) wouldn't say that to harbaugh as why he wouldn't camp. I have a feeling Harbaugh is conveniently omitting that part of the conversation when he says he was told to rely on the tape.
Comment 20 Jan 2017
LSU is going to be huge at DT. They already have a 380 lbs "kid" committed in this class and another littler kid DT commit that is 6'4" 295lbs. Not to mention 4 other DT commits in '16, 3 or which were over 305 lbs coming in.
Comment 02 Jan 2017
'15 & '16 against MSU were terrible weather games. '14 wasn't. Barrett relies heavily on the option to open up big passes. When guys don't get clear and obvious separation he rarely takes chances in tight windows. Toss bad weather into the mix and the team becomes almost totally one dimensional and predictable. The only passes are horizontal or 110mph fastballs 5 yards down field. That is a direct result of jt playing tight. Scared of making a mistake or not trusting his receivers to make the play or be where they're supposed to be or whatever. I'm not sure if that's been hammered into him by coaches or what but it is so obvious when it happens
Comment 13 Dec 2016
He had his issues this season but on the missed xp against the Browns, the ball was laying flat on the turf when he kicked it. He'd have to be all kinds of good to make that go in.