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Comment 24 Mar 2019

I agree for the most part with this line up. I think you’ll see some competition at 65 & 74 though. 

125 - Malik Heinselman

133 - Luke Pletcher

141 - Ke-Shawn Hayes

149 - Sammy Sasso

157 - Jaden Mattox

165 - Kaleb Romero / Rocky Jordan

174 - Ethan Smith / Carson Kharchla 

184 - Gavin Hoffman

197 - Kollin Moore 

285 - Chase Singletary / Greg Kerkvliet

Comment 09 Mar 2019

I listen to FRL regularly among other wrestling podcasts & agree with CP & the guys about seeding & how it’s good for the most part but flawed with the coaches involvement. The coaches should be removed due to the fact that they simply don’t have the time to know the details of every wrestler at every weight.

Comment 09 Mar 2019

Tremendous preview Andy. The Buckeyes definitely have an uphill battle to defend their Big Ten Title, but the larger picture goal is to qualify all 10 weights. Based on the bracket & how they have wrestled down the stretch here’s how I see chances for the 10 Buckeyes wrestling this weekend.

Almost guaranteed to qualify for NCAAs: McKenna, Jordan, Martin, Moore

Likely to qualify: Pletcher, Campbell, Smith

Needs to wrestle well: Heinselman, Hayes, Singletary

Comment 09 Mar 2019

Carr got the 1 seed because he’s undefeated in the Big Ten, while Lee has a loss (Moran) & McKenna has a loss as well (Lee). McKenna is also being penalized for not wrestling Carr in the dual against Illinois.

Comment 09 Feb 2019

Also I think the rule is if you’re docked team points in back to back matches you have to sit out a match. It might be 3 straight matches but I think I heard back to back, so I wouldn’t give Brands too much credit (not that you were) for “suspending” him. 

Comment 09 Feb 2019

He threw his coaches under the bus on the way out, screamed at them during matches last year, the Micic incident is well documented as you said at Nationals, but he did the same thing earlier in the year to Chaz Tucker of Cornell. The docked team points were for celebrations & aren’t good but they’re nothing compared to him deliberately trying to injure wrestlers like he did last year. 

Comment 09 Feb 2019

Alright lets look at what this unmitigated disaster means going forward weight by weight. 

125 - Malik wrestled well & seems to be improving. I’d give him an outside shot of AAing at NCAAs, 3 or 4 wins is more likely IMO.

133 - Unfortunately Pletcher seems to have completely shut down his offense & is back to trying to win tight low scoring matches. In the beginning of the season I thought with the right draw he could win a NC, now he’ll need a good draw to AA in a super deep weight.

141 - McKenna will be fine. I chalk this one up to not being completely conditioned because of the injury & Lee took advantage so props to him. I still see a Yianni & McKenna final, which is a match that HOPEFULLY will happen in 2 weeks when we wrestle Cornell.

149 - Not Micah’s best match certainly, but he’s still a top 3 guy. I see a Ashnault vs Jordan Big 10 & NCAA final.

157 - Not much to say about Hayes, he’s at a good weight, he’s undersized & can't use his top game because of it. He seems resigned to just coast through the season & hope he can drop back down to 49 for his senior campaign. I doubt he AAs this season.

165 - Campbell is who he is at this point. He rarely looks to shoot & when he does it’s a straight on double. He has a good top game & turns but isn’t able to execute it against the top guys. He’s a 2 or 3 win guy at NCAAs.

174 - Smith has some serious potential. He gets to legs on everyone & struggles to finish because he’s young & inexperienced. People need to understand that Smith comes from a HS that isn’t a wrestling power in Baltimore County, let alone MD, let alone the east coast (Im VERY familiar with Sparrows Point it’s 20 minutes from my house). The coaching he’s getting now is WORLDS better than what he got in HS. I think he AAs this season.

184 - Myles looked disinterested in the matchup & who could blame him since the duel was essentially decided  & he was wrestling a 165 bumping up because the starter was out. I still think Myles is head & shoulders better than everyone else at the weight & wins his 2nd NC.

197 - I knew in my gut that Nickal was gonna pin Kollin. Kollin leaves too many openings when he shoots & immediately doesn’t get the TD. I still think Kollin can get to the finals & probably get pinned by Nickal again.

285 - Chase showed fight but Cassar is wrestling so well right now. He’s undersized for the weight especially given his height so he’ll struggle against some of the stronger guys like Cassar or White of Ok State. He’s yet another 2, 3 maybe 4 win guy at NCAAs.

Comment 09 Feb 2019

I think people overscrutinize the top PSU wrestlers behavior whether it be Nickal, Hall now or Taylor in the past (though he graduated when the situation after the J’Den Cox match happened at WTT). For the most part PSU wrestlers are respectful in victory or defeat. They don’t have a Gilman or DeSanto on their squad, nor have they ever had someone do the types of things DeSanto specifically has done. 

Comment 08 Feb 2019

Great preview Andy. Thanks for the great job you do covering the Buckeye Wrestling Team. This obviously is the biggest dual meet of the season for the Buckeyes with a few big individual matchups. One paper this meet is 5-5 with the winner being the team that bonuses more. 

125 - Heinselman by decision (3-0 OSU). Schnupp is good at limiting the damage in terms of bonus points. This match isn’t a sure thing for the Buckeyes but one Malik HAS to win.

133 - Pletcher by decision if RBY goes (6-0 OSU), by major if Stossel goes. I think RBY is gonna wrestle but with Cael you never know for sure. If Stossel wrestles Pletcher MUST GET BONUS. He hasn’t been wrestling well of late & I’m beginning to question whether he will AA this year in a DEEP weight. 

141 - McKenna by decision (9-0 OSU). Unlike a lot of others I don’t see this match being close. McKenna seems to be on a different level than everyone else except Yianni. If McKenna can turn Lee I think he majors him.

149 - Jordan by major (13-0 OSU). The Bucks need their senior leaders to step up tonight to win. I think Verkleeren goes for PSU & Jordan wears him out in the 3rd to get the major late. It needs to be 13 or 14-0 Buckeyes after this weight or something special is gonna have to happen for the Buckeyes to get the W.

157 - Nolf by major (13-4 OSU). This could be a lot worse if Hayes continues to wrestle passively. Honestly a major is probably the best case scenario for the Buckeyes because Nolf is worlds better than Hayes.

165 - Joseph by decision (13-7 OSU). Joseph hasn’t been an offensive juggernaut of late but you always have to be careful of his overhook series (see IMar matches). Campbell usually wrestles close to the vest & as of late Joseph has obliged to guys that wrestle that way.

174 - Hall by decision (13-10 OSU). Hall is a tremendous counter attacker so look for Smith to be more calculated with his shots in this match. If he just shoot & shoots on Hall he will shoot himself out of the match & Hall might get bonus.

184 - Martin by major (17-10 OSU). Myles continues to prove he’s separated from the rest of the field at this weight class. He needs to be mindful of Rasheed’s cradle because it is top class. If Myles keeps a high pace like he has all year I see Shakur wilting in the late 2nd to 3rd period. 

197 - Nickal by major (17-14). Moore should keep this to a decision but I think he’s gonna take at least 1 bad shot & end up on his back. I think Kollin will be Bo’s toughest test to date, but he’s just to sloppy with his takedowns right now for Bo to not catch him. 

285 - Cassar by major (18-17 Bad Guys). Cassar has 78 TDs in 18 matches with 3 matches ending after the 1st TD. Singletary would do well to hold Cassar to a decision but I just don’t see it after watching Cassar toy with Mason Parris last week. 

This will be an awesome duel, I hope to see St. John rocking & packed to capacity. I just don’t see this Buckeye team being the team to snap PSUs 55 match winning streak after last years team (a far superior team) came up short. 

Comment 26 Jan 2019

Potential Line-up for Next Year

125 - Heinselman   133 - Pletcher   141 - Kinner/Felix

149 - Sasso   157 - Hayes   165 - Romero/Kharchla

174 - Smith/Jordan/Kharchla   184 - Hoffman/Smith

197 - Moore   285 - Singletary/Kerkvliet (Oly. RS???)

Good news is we will be able to throw a lot of bodies at our weakest weight classes (65-84).

Comment 25 Jan 2019

Ethan Smith is the guy at 174. He wrestled a great match against a guy that’s no worse than 4th at NCAA tournament. Need 6 from Myles here.

Comment 25 Jan 2019

Excellent preview Andy. Huge dual meet tonight folks, 2nd biggest of the year since we don’t wrestle Iowa.

125 - Winnable for Malik vs Mattin, a win here would be HUGE for the Bucks & tough for TTUN to overcome. I’m picking Malik by 2.

133 - Micic is the favorite & deservedly so. Pletcher has a shot due to Micics lack of matches. Micic probably wins by 2-4 points.

141 - McKenna by 4-7 points. Storr is highly ranked but I see Joey controlling him throughout. I think Storr will have issues with Joey when Joey is on top. 

149 - MUST BONUS for Micah. If this dual is gonna be as close as I think it might be bonus points might determine the winner. Micah should bonus whichever guy he wrestles & I think he will. Micah by Major.

157 - Hayes is higher ranked but I think he’s the underdog in this match. It’s a terrible matchup for Hayes but also a very winnable one depending on which Pantaleo shows up. Pantaleo by 2-4.

165 - Don’t get pinned or teched Kaleb. Romero is a huge underdog in this match & hasn’t wrestled well of late. A decision win for Massa would almost be a win for the Bucks. Massa by Major.

174 - I hope to see Ethan Smith in this match, though both guys are big underdogs to Myles Amine. Higher scoring match if Smith is in there, but either way Amine wins. Amine by 4-7.

184 - MUST PIN, at worst Tech for Myles. He’s a huge favorite and the best wrestler in the weight class by a healthy margin. Pin would be massive & I think Myles gets it. Myles by PIN SLAY.

197 - Another MUST PIN or Tech for the Bucks. Kollin has been wrestling better & is a big favorite in the match. Look for lots of takedowns from Kollin while looking for a quick turn to pin later in the match. Kollin by Tech Fall.

285 - Toss up match here with the dual potentially being on the line. In Chases earlier win vs Parris he won a lot of scrambles. He needs to keep the match high paced with lots of scrambles to beat a much improved Parris. A slower match favors Parris. Tough choice but I’ll take Parris by 1-3. 

Final Score Prediction Buckeyes 21 TTUN 16

Comment 12 Nov 2018

I think everyone agrees that Malik is the better guy but I see what Andy is saying about the coaching staff being hesitant to pull his RS if they don’t think he can AA. He won’t score that many points at NCAAs if he can’t get in the top 8. He unlikely to bonus very much which is the only other way to score meaningful points if you don’t AA. If they think he can’t score more than 5-7 points at NCAAs they might as well RS him. 

Comment 11 Nov 2018

The Results 

125 - Heinselman beats Mead 10-5 in the 3rd Place match. I think you go with Heinselman the rest of the way especially since Suriano, Lizak & Fix moved up.

133 - Pletcher dominated. He’s a top 5 guy in a BRUTAL weight class

141 - Quinn Kinner takes 1st by winning a couple close matches. Kinner reminds me of Pletcher as a FR, difference being Kinner will get the benefit of a redshirt.

149 - Micah & Sasso cruised to the finals where Micah won a close match 9-7. Micah is a top 3 guy at the weight, Sasso is a future stud at this weight.

157 - Hayes & Cleary met in the finals with Hayes winning 6-5. Cleary had a huge win over Will Lewan in the semis. Hayes will only get better as he continues to adjust to the weight.

165 - Yet another All Buckeye final where Romero beat Schierl 8-6. Romero is a AA contender in a LOADED weight.

174 - The most interesting result of the night came when Ethan Smith beat Teshan Campbell in the finals 8-5. This weight is still up in the air IMO.

184 - Hoffman wins the weight with 1-0 win. 184 is in good hands after Myles graduates.

197 - Kevin Snyder takes the title in a BARNBURNER. He came roaring back after being down 7-0 in the 1st period. Very impressive win after the disappointing performance against Navy. Snyder is a solid backup.

285 - Chase Singletary takes 1st after winning two wild matches in the semis and the finals. The semifinal win over Mason Parris is easily Chases most impressive performance of his career. Like at 125 I think you go with the younger guy with more upside (Singletary).

Comment 11 May 2015
The Worlds Theory is my favorite because it's hilarious & for the most part true