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Comment 18 Oct 2020

Bama's O is 100% legit.  Their defense?  They've got their line up if lower tier SEC teams on tap now-so they will have the opportunity to work things out.  I thought the D in the second half was legit-but one half doesn't make for championship caliber D..  

Comment 17 Oct 2020

We'll know more next week, and even more two weeks from tonight.  One game at a time.  That said, the only decent ball I've seen is Clemson.  Everyone else has some major flaws..  Good D, but inconsistent QB play..  Good O, but no D..  I think the delay may have helped the Buckeyes to a degree.  My greatest concern is COVID and having no byes..  

Comment 14 Oct 2020

Who knows-this is a crazy year.  I think Michigan tries to renew for less money, and it will come down to Jim's pride.  If he walks away at the end of next season-who do they get?  

Comment 10 Oct 2020

I think they do have an advantage in starting late and seeing what's going on.  I also think they will benefit from more time to prep as a complete team.  Knock on wood, regarding COVID..  Many of these teams we are seeing lost significant prep time due to infections on the team..  

Comment 10 Oct 2020

Let's just hope the Bucks come out the gate strong and stay strong.  Ironically-I think the delay may actually help..  In the SEC it looks to be Bama..  But as far as big winners so far in all of this?  If Oregon or USC takes care of business-the PAC 12 will benefit from all this.  

Comment 04 Oct 2020

Ok..  So I can see Bama, Clempsin, tOSU..  But I think too many folks are writing off the PAC 12.  Don't be shocked of Oregon runs the table-they will get in.  The SEC is going to beat each other up-and it's likely the SEC runner up is a 2L team.  If the PAC 12 champ is undefeated, they get the nod.  As far as our guys-they can't let up, no off plays period.  Don't overlook Nebraska, and the Oct 31st game at Penn State will be telling.  I also think the B1G West is going to have one or two good teams..  Wiscy, and Minnesota..  Neither one of them will be a pushover in the B1G Championship..  

Comment 01 Oct 2020

I fully expect selection Sunday to get pushed back as well..  Look at the postponements in the ACC and Big12..  Don't be surprised of there aren't some delays in the SEC as well..   

Comment 27 Sep 2020

Once b1G starts playing-more will be in the poll..  Keep in mind the poll is skewed currently by team not playing yet.  Be honest if the b1g was in action do you really think Ga would be top 10?

Comment 26 Sep 2020

I think all the strength of schedule hype I've ben hearing from my SEC friends is evaporating before my eyes..  LOL