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Comment 16 Jan 2020

When you live deep behind enemy lines it's a tough row to hoe.  I joined for about the same reasons..  I live in Kentucky, so I have to lay low too..  LOL..  Although I did enjoy trolling my coworkers when the BasketBucks took down the Wild Kittens..  

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Well, guess what..  Looks like Penn State shit the bed yet again in a major way compared to OBJ handing out cash.  So this will go away as Penn State flounders in that brewing mess..  

Comment 12 Jan 2020

I'm not worried..  If it's Coombs or Raymond, I like the approach of not saying anything until their seasons are done.  It shows a level of respect towards them and the organizations they currently coach for.  Ohio State *(and a few others) are in a unique position where they can probably afford to do so.  Of course this comment may come back to haunt me..  LOL

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Oregon early then Penn State in October..  It looks manageable at this point.  Hairball isn't beating Day.. Period..

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Absolutely loaded, with returning experience.  The schedule looks very manageable with Oregon week two, and Penn State in October..  Looks like there will be no back to back gauntlet like this year.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

The targeting call was tic/tac but it was within the scope of the rule.  Though I don't recall a flag being thrown on the field-so a totally off the filed intervention by the booth.  The fumble/scoop and score was just a flat out bad call by the booth, the guys on the field made the right call..  Ultimately it comes down to execution..  

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Let's face it..  Ultimately two things cost the Buckeyes tonight..  1. Settling for FGs in the red zone in the 1st half. 2. The D not stopping Clemson in the final two minute when up by 2.  Everything else is academic.  If the Bucks get back next year (fyi they will) this years gaffs will help them. 

Comment 29 Dec 2019

It was a hell of a game. Bottom line is we didn't control the last half of the second quarter through the end of the third. You combine that with settling for FGs vs TDs in the early second quarter cost the guys. You can bitch about the call on the fumble/scoop and score all you want, but that didn't cost them the game. That last drive by Clemson was a text book example of a championship winning drive by a team that's been there before.  Ohio State's last drive was great until the last play, and showed their inexperience..  That was a throw that I guarantee that  year from now Justin doesn't attempt..  On the bright side does anyone think that any team in the country is beating LSU on January 13th?  Go Joe!