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Comment 20 Aug 2019

Very valid article.  My counter is the game, and culture has changed significantly over the last 20-25 years.  The transitions was one of the smoothest I've seen, with the key cultural aspects retained.  Do I expect a perfect season?  No..  But I don't expect the meltdown that many are anticipating either..  We will no for sure once the results are in..

Comment 15 Aug 2019

He's going to win a lot of games..  Meyer -was great, but a ton of baggage..  That definitely impacted the team in '15, and last year.. I think this team is going to coached by a guy with no outside baggage impacting his play calling and game management.  That's going to result in a team playing loose and up to their potential.  

Comment 15 Aug 2019

While I'd like to jump on the bandwagon and bash this turd..  How is he any different than any other coach in the ACC or SEC?  Or probably 50% of the B1G coaches fro that matter??  Old, obsolete attitudes and ideas die slowly..

Comment 13 Aug 2019

Tate needs to chill..  He's one play away from being the man..  Unless he jacks this up..  As far as Hafley and Heartline..  I wouldn't be surprised to see them as D coordinator and O coordinator at Ohio State before their run in Columbus is over.  I'm thinking we are at a changing of the guard so to speak, as younger coaches move into the game.  aka Riley at Oklahoma.  We shall see the results unfold over the next few months/years.  I'm strangely optimistic about this team, this year.  

Comment 22 Jul 2019

They played the Bucks tight in the Shoe last year.  Everyone is figuring with Frost as the HC- improvement will come.  He will have his team hyped for a "signature win" in Lincoln..  You throw Martinez in the mix and you have a tough out for the Bucks. 

Comment 21 Jul 2019

Calm down..  Players from across the conference were wearing them.  The Rose bowl is still the B1Gs premier bowl outside of the playoffs.  It's a valuable property to have at 5PM on New Years Day-4 hours of exposure fore the conference..  Trust me there are plenty in the south that would love to wrestle the Rose Bowl away from the B1G and the PAC12..  

Comment 20 Jul 2019

Geeze, go to 8 conference games, and add one FCS team to the schedule. Reduce the mathematical odds of the B1G champ having an L. Maintain one premier P5 match up in say week 3, and play two MAC or similar schools Keep the conference championship game and move on.  It's that easy.  Ah and one more thing- make sure the B1G committee reps understand to always down grade the SEC, and ACC teams, and upgrade the B1G teams whenever possible.. 

Comment 17 Jul 2019

I think it depends upon every player's individual situation.  If they have secured a high draft number- why play in the Minute Maid Apple Juice Bowl?  If you don't have the reps, or need to add to your resume-then you play.  As much as I whine about t-it is what it is..  For some of these guys there is too much money at risk.  I wouldn't be surprised to see a guy even skip the playoffs if he was projected #1..  I think we'll see that within the next few years.

Comment 17 Jul 2019

agreed..  that night in Lincoln could be a tough one.  if the guys drop that one-they still have a shot at redemption if the Huskers make it to Indy..

Comment 17 Jul 2019

Yep and the B1G runs a secondary market.  I got mine there for about 50 bucks after the TTUN beat down last year.  I got my code in my email yesterday.  I'll likely wait on my purchase.

Comment 16 Jul 2019

Folks-we need to follow the lead of every SEC program, as well as Clemson, and North Caroline and just be quiet!  Why do we insist on bringing down our programs?  Epstein had ties to Presidents for pete's sake..  The guy was connected to the most wealthy and powerful people in the country.  Let's not make this an Ohio State issue!

Comment 13 Jul 2019

Individual game tickets don't go on sale until Friday..  if they send out a code it's usually Tuesday or Wednesday for a Thursday presale.   

Comment 13 Jul 2019

LOL exactly... But things could go way better and the guys manage to not only get to the playoff, but into the championship game.  I'm just thinking that's a little much for this season..

Comment 13 Jul 2019

I hope you are right other than the playoff loss.  I'm, thinking 10-2 with a L at Lincoln (which the guys avenge in the B1G Championship), and an L at North Western.  The guys beat an undefeated scUM by a FG in the big house.  That eliminates scUM from the B1G championship, but they get a playoff birth over a 2 loss Buckeye squad.  The boys roll into the Rose Bowl and kick the snot out of Oregon, setting the stage for a 2020 playoff run..

Comment 13 Jul 2019

It's always hard to tell, but based on what I'm seeing-get a high level FCS team in..  Charlotte, New Mexico State etc.. With the B1G schedule being fairly brutal we need some tune up games that will count as Ws toward CFP qualification..  As a I fan I'd love to see a Texas, Texas A&M, Tennessee, etc..  But with 9 conference games-one major P5 school is enough..

Comment 10 Jul 2019

If he loses this year and next he will be out..  My off the wall replacement is Les Miles..  That will give Les two seasons at Kanas  to make .500..  That will be enough for scUM to pick him up..  After all he's a meatchicken guy.