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Comment 03 Dec 2019

Dear Shart eating media types,  You still suck and you are still wayyyyyy behind honoring Buckeye Coaches.  So hopefully you're not patting yourself on the back.  In case you are, please take this moment to form your hand as a fist and firmly place it into the area Mr. Whipple is concerned with. 



Comment 28 Dec 2018

Great read, but to be fair anything from Ramzy this year was the worst.   Also, I'm sure OSU is sorry Kyle Rowland had to wait in a cramped hallway -- The Horror! 

Comment 18 Dec 2018

I drive past soccer fields on the way home.  On Fall Friday nights I often see Umbro clad "whatevers" having soccer practice just as the  marching band is heading out to the local gridiron up the road.  I shake my head and say this is Friday night, everyone knows there's a game going on, what are they doing.  Then I realize they aren't into football, so they don't care.  But when the somebody uses one football level (college) to distract from another (high school students) its BS.  Unintended or not...this is a crock

Comment 03 Dec 2018

Anybody ever work on a sales team and the very best salesman eventually gets pick to become the district Manager?  Only to find out the guy has is not very good at leadership? 

A Captain, a leader has a very big big load of responsibility, their impact to the team is immeasurable good & bad.  There is a selflessness that is 100% required regardless of the situation.  The team, their families, everyone else comes before you as an individual.  When young men are selected to a leadership position and then, in this particular instance, they leave/ quit.  They voided the notion that were ready for or even were a leader.  No way he should have played again with that injury, that's understandable.  But leaving, no, that flies in the face of team first & leadership. Being injured was a blow to the team, not his fault, but it was magnified when he left.  That he could have avoided and still continued to lead, inspire, mentor, etc.