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Comment 07 Oct 2010

I read the ATO blog and my conclusion is that Bollman is still to blame for poor coaching of executing the scheme and Saine is not a zone-runner (i.e. he has terrible vision for a  RB). Subsequently, if your players can't figure out zone-blocking, DON'T RUN IT. What happened to just lining up and blowing people off the ball instead of trying to play tic-tac-toe at the line of scrimmage? We've been reading the same page over and over for the last five years and the last sentence is always the same. Insert definition of insanity.

Here's to moving Saine to slot WR. *cheers*

Comment 05 Oct 2010

More Silver Bulletpoints...

  • In all seriousness, Brandon Saine is the reincarnation of Maurice Wells sans the rasta hair and a #4 on the jersey. It's safe to make the argument that they've both been tackled by grassmonsters, 10 mph wind and undersized CB's pinky fingers.
  • Can the Big Ten Network PLEASE bring in Gus Johnson to replace Chris "I like using SAT words but know nothing about logic" Martin????!!! I almost wrote the BTN to complain about Martin the Martian.
  • Christian Bryant = Antoine Winfield 2.0....?
  • I'll teach Doug how to Dougie.
Comment 23 Sep 2010

p.s. - I don't think I'll ever attend a game that compares to OSU-scUM 2002. As a 4th year senior, I sat about 30 rows up in what is now a much larger Block-O section. I was fully prepared in several layers of cotton and wool, gloves and a hat, along with a stomach full of five or six Miller Lites. I successfully lost my voice with several minutes remaining before halftime and no adult beverages to sooth my throat. The best I could do in the 2nd half was clap and stomp as loudly as I humanly could with a 180lbs frame.

I remember watching Will Allen in his scarlet #26 uni intercept the ball in the endzone and the chaos that ensued in storming the field.

My best game experience ever.

Comment 23 Sep 2010

@Johnny - As I recall this was our redemption game to the embarrassing spanking we received in 2004... which made this "Best Game Ever" all the more sweeeeeeeeeeeet..

Comment 07 Sep 2010

Good Guys 31

Bad Guys 24

The irony.... Oops, we did it again.... (a la Britney Spears 2000.. when she was attractive)

Comment 01 Sep 2010

Couldn't they have put one giant Buckeye stickers on one side of the helmets?

Whereas last year's uni's had an edgier feel (variety of colors, stripes, etc.) this year's looks pretty bland on paper and it reminds me of a poor high school team's uniform (or a jersey you can design on Madden 'XX). I appreciate that Nike is "paying" (LOL... getting paid!!!) tribute to Mr. Horvath and the 1942 team, this is 2010 and they could've added a few more wrinkles to spice up the 1942 design bit.

At the end of the day, who cares what our players are wearing while they're kicking scUM's a$$ <--- two more $$'s in honor of Nike..

Comment 31 Aug 2010

I voted that Pryor would score first, but IMO it could be Philly Brown...

Tangent from Thailand: Did anyone else notice that no one on offense is wearing #7 this season?

Comment 31 Aug 2010

Not sure if this would work (maybe depends on your internet connections and the TV), but what if you tried to use Skype or Gchat video? *shrug*

Comment 30 Aug 2010

Hopefully the corination of the new 11W site will coincide with a trip (and win) to Glendale, AZ in January, 2011.

Three days til Christmas in September.

p.s. It looks like I've lost my RSS feed on GoogleReader...