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Comment 30 Dec 2018
The Committee recognizes bias within there ranks. Why else do you have to recuse someone while talking about a connected team. With the few that were left you think the chairman of Oregon Likes the big 10 what about the vandy guy or the two connected to Clemson. Ohio State was never getting in. When something like this is subjective you can spin it whichever way you like...who knows the difference.
Comment 07 Jan 2018

With these committee members and where they either graduated from or are working for,  it will be hard to get the so called eye test to go the way of the BIG 10.  Both the BIG 10 and PAC 12 will never get the nod with as many south east alums in the group.  For the sake of transparency they should make the votes public,  then I might believe that the committee has no bias...until then 8 teams.