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Comment 26 Feb 2015

Nice summary of a remarkable season. I did a little research of my own back in mid-January, and posted these findings on another board on 1/15....you may find some of it interesting...forgive the length, but I'll paste the whole post below...


Overall, they were called for 84 penalties, totaling 711 yards. I didn't bother to see how that ranked in the conference or in FBS.

The job Ed Warinner has done since he has been here needs no further accolades, but these numbers made me appreciate him all the more. 

Guess how many times the starting Buckeye offensive line was penalized for holding in the 15-game 2014 season....


That's right. How many times after Sept 27 vs Cincinnati?


Billy Price got called in the opener vs Navy, and Taylor Decker got one in the Cinci game. There was one other offensive holding call this season...perpetrator unknown...but it happened on a Johnnie Dixon run vs Kent State, in the 4th quarter, with the Bucks up 66-0, so it surely wasn't against a regular OL. 

The only other penalties of more than 5-yard false starts against starting OL were an illegal use of hands against Decker (vs MSU) and one facemask personal foul call on Boren.

With a first-year starter at center and two inexperienced QB's, the Bucks had 25 false starts (1.7 per game)...but about a quarter of them were by non-linemen (Elliott 3, M. Thomas 2, Heuerman 1)

Other penalty statistics that are possibly of interest:

Buckeyes had 20 personal fouls called (1.3 per game)....including 4 roughing the passer, 5 facemasks, 1 unsportsmanlike conduct (Bosa ripping a Wolverine's helmet off, IIRC), They did not rough a kicker all year. (A couple of those PF calls were clearly bogus too...the targeting call on Corey Smith vs Wisconsin and the shaky call on Bennett in the Oregon game come to mind.)

There were just six offsides calls all season, 3 of them on Bosa.

There were 11 pass interference calls all year, and none after the Minnesota game. Think about that.

Of the P.I. calls, 9 of 11 came in four games (Kent State, MD, Minn, and Penn St) 

There were 9 delay of game calls, and by my rough count, only about six total penalties on special teams.

All in all, a remarkably disciplined (which means a well-coached) performance by our Buckeyes.

But you knew that.

Comment 26 Feb 2015

Not to nitpick, guys....but I did some of my own research on the remarkably penalty-free 2014 season several weeks ago...and there was a 3rd offensive holding penalty this year.

It was in the Kent State game, in the 4th quarter, with the score already 66-0. It was unattributed in both the official OSU box score and also the ESPN play-by-play account of the game, so I'm not sure who committed it. It came on a run by Johnnie Dixon (really) on the Buckeyes' final series of the game (with Cardale at QB)...and in fact may have been committed by someone other than an offensive lineman (I didn't review the film)...and even if it was, it was surely not committed by one of the starters at that point in the game...so it may not even count for the purposes of this article....but it was an offensive holding...so...FWIW