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Comment 01 Aug 2017

well yeah, but that's only 3% of the people surveyed. 

let it be noted that 88% of people surveyed either watched the same amount of NFL games or more than they did the previous year. 

Comment 01 Aug 2017

yeah, you didn't read the whole article

J.D. Power noted that only 12 percent of the fans it surveyed said they watched fewer NFL games last season, with 27 percent of people saying they watched more and 62 percent saying they watched just as much as they had the season before.

Comment 01 Aug 2017

I'm grasping at straws by saying that advanced statistics show that he is a top 20 QB? lol ok. I'll turn it around and say, take off your biased anti-Kaep glasses and say, yes he is good. But your feelings about his protest are clouding your judgment 

Comment 31 Jul 2017

lol looking slow on film isn't a statistic. this article uses advanced statistics to show Kaep's impact on a team. These stats show that at worst, he's a middle of the pack starting QB in the NFL. QB is the most important position in the league, and the talent is scare. How would adding a top 16-20 QB to your team not make it better?

and how could this cripple your fan base? what evidence is there to show that the 49ers fan base is crippled? Cleveland ranked 25th in the league last year in attendance, they can't do much worse