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Comment 17 Sep 2019

56-10 is possible if the starters are pulled at the half.  I like your commentary.  For me, ironically, the 1998 and the 2015 OSU teams are the best of all time.  But I believe it is the responsibility of the coaches to get that talent ready (motivated) to play the game.  As we look at what is happening this season, I am optimistic Day > Meyer when it comes to getting the team to play its best a higher percentage of the time.

Comment 04 Sep 2019

Yep, your line of thinking is the same as mine.  Dobs, so far, just not getting it done.  I'm no coach so I have no idea.  I don't like make excuses (OL issues, Fields not making the correct read, etc.)  Bottom line is results no matter what.  Wouldn't mind Teague getting some more carries.  I did see he graded a Champion for the game.  Dobs not so much

Comment 01 Sep 2019

Overall, I don't think JK has the RB talent to really do well, just ok.  I mean he looks the part, strong and fast, but the key traits of the great backs is vision, timing, decisiveness.  I don't think he has much of that.  I prefer the way Master was running, picked a line, head down and gained some yards.  Not sure what it is with JK but he seems to do less with more.  I do not think he will make a good pro despite what his combine numbers may say.  Hope he proves me wrong this year.  

Comment 10 Aug 2019

I don't think Hoak is that good.  No offense to him, but if she couldn't be the starter for lowly Kentucky, he probably is just a decent backup for most teams.  Not an insult at all.  I personally think the waiting to name could be a mistake.  I remain flabbergasted that Meyer did not name a starter a few years back before the V Tech game started. That is borderline incompetent and likely one of the reasons we wasted the best team in history, that 2015 team was loaded.  

Comment 12 Jun 2019

I always go back to the Big 10 Championship game of a few years ago.  The one where Penn State got in, but missed the playoffs to Ohio State.  When they announced the winner of the MVP for the Archie award, you saw Franklin in the  player's  ear telling him to respect Archie and shake his hand unlike that total d bag from Mich State.  I always give Franklin some props for that.

Comment 02 Mar 2019

Very interesting take on him and everyone at the combine on NFL.com.  There is a detailed review on each prospect.  For Gary they note his athletic ability but the knock on him is really on development.  For example:

 * Rush plan is somewhat basic at this stage of development

* Hands lack skill and have yet to be unlocked as rush weapon

 * Runs himself around the pocket rather than working back under

 * Long-arm bull rush is his only real rush tool

Why any top player would want to go to Michigan I cannot understand.  Forgetting about the rivalry, they just DO NOT develop their players relative to OSU or many top schools.  Gary's talent was absolutely wasted at Michigan.