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Comment 19 Jul 2018

For sure.  with the number of Wolverines on the list, Michigan should be ranked preseason number 1.  I have a sneaking feeling some of them may end up a bust this year.

Comment 18 Jul 2018
Born in Columbus, went to Archie's high school ( Eastmoor), graduated from THE undergrad business economics and MBA. All Buckeye and the more the merrier. Honestly since I moved away I have become an even bigger fan
Comment 12 Jul 2018

This new format feels like real news.  Love the new fonts

Comment 10 Jul 2018

Listen, the coach would be gone by any competent administrator.  To think a coach cannot be replaced is mistaken, especially a high school coach.  Easily replaced.  Don't kid yourself.  I'm not saying the guy didn't feel that way, but if he made it a practice of not allowing OSU to recruit, he would be gone.  He needs to get over it and himself

Comment 06 Jul 2018
Finance degree from THE (MBA) few years later make 6 figures. Few later double it. Not particular difficult. Marry someone who has some the same. Voila, your set for life. Nothing too arduous College was the right choice for me.
Comment 01 Jul 2018

Meh, I read the article.  Not worried.  I think Zach is being very political with his comments on Michigan.  

"They’re building something special up there" - referring to Michigan.  This is just blatantly false.  What is special about one mediocre season after another for the past several years and a decade plus before that?  

He's just being nice or naive I can't tell the difference