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Comment 10 Aug 2017

Good stuff.  Had another suggestion:  I think what would be cool to see, though difficult to do, is this year's class average for OSU for the scholarship athletes.  This is a mix of 2013 through 2017.  Then compare this to the top teams in the country.  I think it is pretty clear that OSU would rank 2nd, behind Alabama each year or most.  But it would be interesting to see what OSU looked like last year in comparison to Clemson?  My guess is we would have the edge in overall talent probably by a considerable margin.  Probably had more NFL draftees this year, though have not done the research. Unfortunately, they had the edge in QB and offensive play calling.  

Sometimes having the edge in one key player is enough to overcome an overall superior team on average on paper

Comment 01 Jul 2017

Funny just yesterday I rewatched the 2015 Sugar Bowl game while I "worked" from home.  Probably the 10th time but it never gets old

Comment 26 Jun 2017

Wow.  Did not know that background on Munford.  That will be an interesting read for sure.  Good luck to this young man

Comment 16 May 2017

It is most certainly NOT the AD.  If it is, then it should be the OSU President or heck, the Governor of the State.  Its the Coach, ok?

Comment 16 May 2017

I don't routinely follow college basketball, just not my sport.  There are a lot of Thad hatters and backers on this site.  I'm not a hatter for sure, but I'm also not one to make excuses for him.  Saying, he is the best coach in the history of the program is not a reason to keep him on.  Professionally paid coaching, just like business is about what have you done for me lately.  It doesn't even matter if it is his fault, just that it happened on his watch.  That's enough.  What you did ten years ago means absolutely zilch.  Personally, I think he has checked out.

Comment 09 May 2017

I also see this less of a real issue for the Bucks.  Those players you listed above, perhaps very few or more likely none would have signed a letter of intent in December - especially with the new rule in place.  And if a school tries to pressure a player, I would assume that player has other options available.  Typically, someone OSU wants does not just have one offer from a middeling school