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Comment 03 Feb 2020

Shipley is a running back that can play WR. 

Pryor us more of a APB than Shipley  

shipley is more college ready. Packed tight 200 lbs kid

Pryor might be 180

Shipley also is a stud ball player at Safety 

Comment 22 Jan 2020

I would wager that the next progression in showing more 2 high looks Pre-Snap, at least in passing downs, to disguise coverage. 

I would also guess they would add a 2 high coverage as a compliment 

Third guess, which we saw some against UofM is "buzz" where they Safety drops the Hook/Curl 

Comment 13 Jan 2020

Anybody notice how rare it was for the Ohio State defense to get burnt up by the RPO rage?

That is another advantage to this structure of defense

You all but eliminate the Conflict player that is frequently exploited by most RPO 

Front 6 [DL and 2 ILB] take care of the 6 interior gaps

2 Overhangs [Slot CB, SAM] cover up inside WRs

3 DBs play pass first

No more conflict 

The devil in the details is how the made sure that the back 5 [4 DB + SAM] always matched up with the offense

Comment 07 Jan 2020

Taking an assistant and giving him a promotion is not "taking"...Phil has EARNED a Head job...if you want to attract good assistant get them a really good next job...

that is why you try and get a balance of "Old timers" and "up comer" on the coaching staff...

some guys who want to ride it out where they are at and others that are going to be upward moving 

Comment 20 Dec 2019

Joey Bosa started at 3 technique in the Fiesta Bowl against Notre Dame.  Heyward played NT against Oregon in the Rose Bowl

DE: N. Bosa, Young

DT: J. Bosa, Heyward

Will: Shazier

SAM: Lee

MIKE: Kwon

CB: Ward, Okudah

Safety: Bell, Hooker