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Comment 17 Jul 2017

KJ Hill, Victor, and EGW would be 3 more offensive players to keep an eye on...

The staff was really making it a point to get Campbell the ball during the spring, we will see if that continues into the fall

McCall is another explosive player, practiced RB all spring. Brings a dynamic to the backfield that OSU has not had (see wheel route in spring game) 

JK Dobbins is the real deal...this dude plays...he is gone in 3 years 

Comment 12 Jul 2017

A. Washington handled himself about as well as anybody could have in that situation...however, with all that he has going for him...if he feels like he needs to carry a gun to wherever he is going...stay home  

These officers are going to have some explaining to do...

Comment 22 May 2017


RPOs are an offense in and of themselves...is the belief of Wilson and Day...

Reliefs are 'tags' to a run scheme so the QB has somewhere to go with the ball if the run is taken away...

I don't believe Ohio State will be a RPO-centric offense but instead see more effective "relief" plays built into the run game 

Comment 08 May 2017

1. Points Per Possession 

-take points and divide it by possessions...want to keep them under 2...so if they have 30 points but 20 possessions...that was good defense...10 possessions but 30 points...not so good...

2. Explosive Plays

3. 3rd Down

Basically...the metrics that answer if the offense is "earning it" or not

I think I am going to add yards per play...I like that