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"don't say anything mean about me or crack jokes on what i've experienced in life because i get butthurt easily and it makes me feel sad and unappreciated."
- 99% of 11w commentariat


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Comment 22 Jul 2020

was a junior that year at tOSU, went back to the state up north to spend a weekend at my parents house.  we were all watching (my fam and our fellow buckeye neighbors) in frustrated silence as the game wore on, waiting for something good but expecting something bad to happen.  it just looked like "one of those games" that we see once per year or so where you just know by the way they play their series that its gonna be a long damn afternoon.  

all i really remember was sitting there fists clenched watching them lined up, ball snaps, and krenzel doesnt hand it off... you can hear us all under our breath "oh no oh no oh no..." as the pocket collapses  and krenzel jumps up and throws it into the ether.  and then all of a sudden you see michael jenkins camp under it and field it like the most routine over the shoulder catch you've ever seen.  we all go insane, naturally - yelling, screaming, standing on furniture, etc.

one unfortunate casualty was the other end of the couch where our 9 year old black lab was sleeping.  the sudden explosion of sound scared her so bad that she stood up on the couch and started barking with her full teeth showing and she projectile shit all over the seat and back cushions.  took her about an hour or so to stop shaking and shitting all over the place after that. 

thats it.  2.5 hours of stewing rage, 5 minutes of unrivaled ecstatic pandemonium, and what seemed like 4 or 5 years of a faint smell of shit coming from the corner of the couch.  

go bucks. 

Comment 08 Nov 2017

Was probably a Laphroaig.  Hell, their marketing scheme even touts the fact that its smoky, peaty, seaside-iodine flavor “tastes like a burning hospital”.  I personally love them.  Its definitely an acquired taste.  First time i tried it, I hated it.  Followed my old man’s scotch advice:

Drink it till it tastes good. 

Comment 08 Nov 2017

As for non-american whiskeys, there are a few options that get you out of the Jameson/Glenlivet safe space.

If you're into blended whiskeys, a good starter is a bottle of Dewars 12 (not Dewars white label).  Blends, for some reason, get knocked down by the single malt snobs for being unpure or whatever, but there are some very good ones.  Dewars 12 blend has a nice mix of Speyside nuttiness and florals and Highland earthiness and grassiness, with just a weee hint of Islay peat.

Dalwhinnie 15 is a great step up from Glenlivet.  Its a bit more assertive across the board, a bit more of the Highland spiciness and fruitness but not overly dramatic.

Glenmorangie makes a ton of good drams as well.  Their classic 10 year is a rich with floral and fruits, but I pick up a good bit of mineral/stone taste too.  Their core range includes finishing in raw oak, sherry, port, or french wine casks.  Overall a good jumping off point to some of the more exotic cask finishes found at higher prices.

I'm personally an Islay, Islands, and West Highlands fan.  Laphroaig, Caol Ila, Ardbeg, Bruichladdich, Talisker, Skye, Oban, Klichoman, Bunnahabhain, Jura, Scapa.  All in my wheelhouse.  

If you're looking for a good Irish dram, check out Yellow Spot, Redbreast 12, Knappogue 12 or 14.  If you want a little bit of peat give Connemara a go.


Comment 08 Nov 2017

ah, Neutron Man.

a true “Superfan” before the term “Superfan” became synonymous with “Asshole”.  

RIP Mr King.  A “Superfan” we can ALL be aspire to be.

Comment 06 Jul 2016

My first inclination is the 07 NC game, but a large part of me has gained an appreciation for the changes that game sparked.  We couldn't perpetuate our weaknesses after that.  We had to become better, faster, stronger.  And we did.

My gut says 2005 vs Texas.  I don't think I've ever felt worse after a loss than that one, even considering our recent travails against Sparty.  We had that Texas game, but we just gave it away, on the field and from the sideline.  I still get a pit in my stomach every time i see a Longhorn jersey.  

Comment 25 Nov 2015

first of all, this isn't a "tragedy".  is it sad?  sure.  but this isn't some kid slipping on a negligent surface and falling and hitting his head, or getting crushed by a falling light stand, or drowning under a wild mob scene, or other things that have happened on other campuses.  some dude with bad genes couldnt handle the shock of cold water.  with his condition, diagnosed or not, he'd have likely had a heart attack anyways within the coming weeks.  quit overblowing deaths as automatically tragic.  wait till the autopsy comes back so we can see if he had a genetic hand grenade in his chest or was on whitney houston levels of drugs before we label it as "tragic" or "devastating".

secondly, the University could hardly wait until this kid was in the morgue before they announced they want to end this thing, which isn't a surprise.  they've been waiting for something like this for 20 years.  

Comment 21 Sep 2015

it most certainly would, but then again if one of them played well we wouldn't be having this dilemma.

the duel qb system is flawed from the beginning, and it degrades the position performance.  decent vs VT, mediocre vs Hawai'i, and downright offensive vs NIU.  it's a downward trend. 

we're seeing a redux of the Zwick/Smith experiment from 2005.  that was a failure as well.  

Comment 27 Aug 2015

gee, it's almost like VT considers it's student-athletes to be employees or something.  

except even then it's illegal to dock pay for classified employees, which VT players are because they are being paid out cost of attendance on a semester basis, not hourly...

Comment 04 Jun 2015

lived up on 13th and waldeck area, old standbys in the early early 00's were ziggs and out'r'in.  every once in a while we'd swing down to the stube for a night you wouldn't ever remember.  if skanks were on the menu, we'd either hit up the spot bar on south campus or quarters on north campus.  sadly, only the stube and out'r'in are the only one still alive, although out'r'in is likely a shell of its former self.  

i miss campus, but its a shame that the dives i loved are being overrun by sterile, gentrified cookie-cutter corporate establishments.  i remember having drinks and just shooting the shit with bar owners - something that simply isnt possible anymore.  campus is slowly losing its soul...

Comment 22 Jan 2015

it's like coming home to finding 3 gorgeous naked women lying on your bed.  

your mind starts racing at the possibilities, and only then you cruely realize that you can really only work one of them at a time, maybe two with divided attention and running a heightened risk of the train running off the tracks.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

damn Ramzy, spot on.

I was right there with you in Tempe...about 3-4 rows behind the band staring right down that fateful endzone line.  whole thing happened in slow motion - dorsey's count, cie grant getting shot out of a cannon, dorsey ragdolling in the air, the ball floating in mid-air for what seemed to be forever...

i saw the ball disappear into a crowd of green and white shirts...and then...nothing.  full sensory explosion to the point where sight and sound and smell were just obliterated.  it took what seemed like minutes to regain my place in the world.  i remember my little sister hugging me and picking me off the ground, i remember seeing a brass musical instrument falling back from the atmosphere to which it was cast in triumph, and i remember looking straight up into the air and screaming as loud as i could - and having that scream matched by some equally crazed lunatic hanging over the balcony above.

this year feels different though.  2002 was really a surprise for everyone, and it felt that way all over tempe and phoenix that week.  we were happy to be there, and we hoped our boys would show well knowing in the bottom of our hearts that Miami hadn't ever seen a D like ours.  when we won, it was a relief of pressure.  a wave of joy felt for the first time by a whole generation of buckeyes whose only experience of a national championship was in black and white stories told by our parents.

i think what makes 2014 different, though, is the leadup to the triumph.  i felt before the Wisconsin game the same feelings i felt before that Miami game, in part due to wondering what we were going to do with an unproven qb.  but ever since the end of the first quarter against Wisconsin, it all felt different.

it felt destined, maybe?  it felt the way i felt just before i saw that yellow flag fly into the air to disrupt the fireworks in tempe.

"it just just can't end like that. that's not how this is supposed to go."

in 2002 i felt joy.  in 2014, i feel contentment.  i feel vindication.  i feel peace.  i feel awe at having the privilege of watching this team grow up and develop and ensure unending hardship right before my eyes.

does this year feel better than 2002?  no, it doesn't.  but it does feel different in a very good and satisfying way.  and given the circumstances of this season compared to 2002, i think i can say that it feels like it's supposed to feel.

we won the whole damn thing.