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Anti-Michigan Blogger. The enemy of our enemy is our friend = Ohio State. #BEATchUMps #DUMPthechUMps


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Seeing the Michigan offense drag themselves off the Spartan Stadium turf with a deafening chant of "Little Sister. Little Sister" raining down on them. #BEATchUMps
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Comment 05 Mar 2014

You'll want MSU to beat Oregon so that both Ohio STATE and MSU enter that game as highly ranked as possible. It is plausible that if the Spartans do pull the upset at Oregon, they could be ranked 3, 2 or dare I say, 1 when the two giants collide in November. A lot of land mines to avoid before then...

Comment 18 Feb 2014

Garner actually had a NO-MAS moment. After getting hammered all game, on a 3rd down at mid field, he was scrambling for what appeared to be a first down, but as he approach the first down, with no one near him, he realized he would take a hit just after getting the first down. Instead of taking the hit, he just crumbled before line without a hit forcing the chUMps to punt - AGAIN! Then the "Little Sisters, Little Sisters" chants came raining down upon them. It was a beautiful sight. Devin No-Mas Gardner. Here some fun stuff on Garner: http://spartanresource.blogspot.com/search?q=gardner 

Comment 18 Feb 2014

Well, it went badly. On the flip side, MSU had NO offense and big problems at receiver, QB and O-line causing 5 loses by a total of 13 points. Then the Spartans lost their BEST three players, RB Bell, DE Gholston, TE Sims who all left early to the NFL plus other key players. Then 2013 rolls around, O-line solved, receivers solved and through the season found QB, RB, DE replacements and you have a team that would have been in the new playoff format had it started a year earlier. Still, in 2014, when the big game rolls around I think MSU will be an underdog to Ohio STATE (I always capitalize the STATE because the chUMPs up north refuse to call you guys by your real name and they actually use the name of another institution as an insult!) - I think MSU should be glad to just split the Oregon and Ohio STATE games. Given the choice, I'll take the conference game.

Comment 18 Feb 2014

Well said and true.

What Spartans have to remember that MSU/Dantonio simply can not attract the caliber of athlete that tOSU/Meyer can. Coach D does a great job of doing more with less. I would just love to see him do more with more.