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Comment 27 Jul 2020

I still have a subscription to Rivals that ends in week and have been checking it once every two weeks since it would be a waste of money if I didn’t check it. But I figured I would come here and post this. Corey Evans put out a ranking the contenders for Efton Reid and the notable ones were:

1. Michigan?????? Haven’t even heard they were involved.

2. Ohio State

5. Virginia

I take this is as good news for OSU that Virginia is all the way down at 5 and Michigan got a 5 star center in 2020. Colin, if you had a ranking the contenders for Reid what would it be? Seems like a good chance OSU is leading. Is Michigan a real threat? First I’ve heard they’re involved.


Comment 09 Jul 2020

I have been extremely busy with work over the past couple of weeks and I expect that to continue. So, I would really appreciate if someone could take over this thread and create new threads when it hits 300. I would also recommend following Colin on twitter and you will get everything OSU basketball related. I also really enjoy Adam Jardys podcasts, they will also bring you up to speed on everything OSU basketball related. Thank you to everyone on this site and I hope to be back soon, but I’m just taking this time to focus on work and family and sort of taking a break from the internet besides that. 

Comment 15 Jun 2020

ICYMI from Colin last thread:

Here's a list of everyone I saw reportedly get contacted by Ohio State since midnight...

Disclaimer: I'm told Ohio State won't take more than four players in this class, and Bowen Hardman's already committed, so this is a lot of contact for what will likely ultimately be three spots. Also, this isn't a full – some recruits don't talk to the media much, so it won't get out.

PG Bruce Thornton (Offered)
PG Sean Jones (Ohioan)
PG Paul McMillan IV (Ohioan)
PG DJ Moore (Ohioan)
PG Scoot Henderson
PG Seth Trimble
PG Mason Manning
PG Avery Brown
PG Zocko Littleton
PG Tamin Lipsey
PG Tre Holloman
CG Skyy Clark (Offered)
CG Corey Floyd Jr.
CG Nick Smith Jr.
CG Jameel Brown
SG Roddy Gayle Jr. (Offered)
SG Roderick Coffee (Ohioan)
SG Steven Clay
SG JaVaughn Hannah
SG Robert Cowherd
SG Chance Westry
SG Jaden Schutt
SG Emanuel Sharp
SG Larry Hughes II
SG Dillon Hunter
SF Josiah Harris (Offered, Ohioan)
SF Prince Aligbe (Offered)
SF Ty Rodgers (Offered)
SF Evan Mahaffey (Ohioan)
SF Kamari Lands
SF Tyler Nickel
SF D’Ante Davis
SF Kaleb Banks
SF Camden Heide
SF Joseph Pinion
SF Kyler Vanderjagt
SF Jack Karasinski
SF Danilo Jovanovich
PF Dereck Lively II (Offered)
PF AJ Clayton (Ohioan)
PF Donavan Short
PF Joe Hurlburt
PF Will Shaver
PF Chauncey Wiggins

Comment 15 Jun 2020
Comment 15 Jun 2020
Comment 15 Jun 2020
Comment 10 Jun 2020
Comment 09 Jun 2020

They definitely know each other. They were sitting next to each other at the OSU v Maryland b-ball game. I know when Kalen Etzler committed he mentioned Malaki as someone he would recruit to OSU. Not sure how much that’ll play into his recruitment but it definitely won’t hurt.