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Comment 16 Jan 2018

Hey Baldwin....when you hit Columbus you will need to travel a bit for the best BBQ.   Rt62 BBQ in Johnstown is by far the best though Ray Rays is good if you need to stay in town. If you can make it to Johnstown, Rt62 BBQ is the best I have had. 

Comment 20 Jul 2016

No its not news about an OSU Buckeye. Its news about an ex-OSU Buckeye. Which is my point. The news was that he was kicked off the team. Not to post the poor girls 911 call. 

That article about Turner's car running out of gas. I don't care for that either but at least Turner's article is a silly story to laugh about.  Putting this poor girls voice up as news lacks class IMO.

Comment 20 Jul 2016

Everyone has their opinion. Mine is this audio should not be posted on this site. Unless this site is about dirty laundry like the 11 oclock news. He is off the team.  Make the announcement he is off the team and move on. Cover the players who are actually on the roster. 

Comment 21 Aug 2015

I am not suggesting he should broadcast in a biased manner. I am suggesting he should call it like he sees it.  

Comment 20 Aug 2015

Overall I like Herbie. He is a Buckeye and has made a huge success of his career.  

I think he initially was overly concerned that he would be seen as an OSU/Big Ten homer so he worked to be  neutral guy which is fine and a proper move however; I do think he took it too far and it backfired a bit.  It wouldn't surprise me if the rumors are true that he had to leave Columbus with all the "fans" pestering him every time he set foot outside his front door. 

I do think Herbie brought great analysis early on but lately he seems to have fallen into the status quo Brent Musberger type who calls games for the masses and no longer has fresh analysis.  

I found him to be very annoying in the 2014 NC game.  He simply refused to give OSU credit where it was due and seemed to be calling the game of "just wait for the Oregon comeback....it's coming...trust me"   For instance, on Cardale's athletic adjustment on the QB sneak where he was stuffed but bumped it outside clearly out-running the DE and jumped over the DB for the first down. It was a fantastic individual effort by Cardale and what does Herbie say?  "Oregon did a good job clogging the middle...then what is the DB supposed to do when they have a 250 lb QB coming there way?"   He immediately credits oregon then gives the DB an excuse.  He also refused to talk up Cardale when he ran over the Oregon DL for the first down. Fowler had to jump in and bring it up. 

I found ole Herbie to be that way for most of the game. Disappointing. 

You can be objective yet still show your love for your school. See Spielman & Galloway. They both do a great job of that. As does Desmond Howard on the game day set. As does Todd Blackledge. Personally I think Blackledge is the best overall.   

Comment 20 Aug 2015

Baker, Conner and Hilliard have yet to play one down of college football. They are promising but take off your scarlet glasses. There are several first string units in B1G that are better than those 3 right now.  In one or two years that will probably be a different answer. 

Comment 14 Aug 2015

NOT Cardale...the entire planet would expect that. Cardale is a good runner when D is dropped back in coverage and he takes off.  He is not a good runner on designed runs. That is where JT is much better. 

I would have JT in @ QB in shotgun with Zeke beside him. Fake the hand off to Zeke to freeze everyone and have JT find the opening. 

Comment 13 Aug 2015

This game comes down to OSU WRs performing. Look at what WRs made plays for OSU offense last year. Devin Smith & Spencer graduated. Jalin Marshall and Cory Smith are out. That is a ton of performance. So OSU is left with: 

Michael Thomas - grade A player that will perform. 

Braxton - HUGE upside we all know but he has never played the WR/Hback position. We simply don't know what will happen. You have to feel good about it but how will he perform catching balls in traffic or knowing a DB is coming hard at him. We don't know. 

Vannett - not to be overlooked. He is a grad A tight end and a big weapon. I like him to pick up the slack. 

The rest of the WRs - completely unproven as a starter in a game. We don't know what will happen. 

Having Jalin Marshall and Corey Smith out is a big concern. Sure you can make the bold statement that "Ohio State reloads, don't worry about it" but nobody knows how these unproven players will perform. IMO - that is the key to the game. 

Comment 13 Aug 2015

NASCAR is boring racing. Especially on super speedways. Why bother having a 400-500 mile race.  The last 15 laps are the same as the first 15. You want people to watch?  Make it a 200 mile sprint on superspeedways and add more road courses. Until then, I'll stick to F1, IMSA/Tudor and Moto GP. 

Comment 05 Jan 2015

The Bama player did not "slip".  The guy stumbled in an attempt to keep up with Smith. It was a display of poor athleticism. There was no slip at all. A fan didn't toss a banana peel on the field.  The guy was out of position and in an attempt to recover he got himself tied up.  In other words...he got beat. 

Comment 14 Nov 2014

For those criticizing the DL from the MSU game they actually played decent. It was the LBs that had a poor game. The majority of plays the DL made penetration and held the LOS well. The LBs allowed MSU OL to get on them all day and did not take proper attack angles.  This week is a golden opportunity to redeem themselves.  

Comment 12 Aug 2013

You're a fool to think that.  Will a 3 game suspension result in team failure?  No.  But when he returns he will have zero game experience for 2013 while everyone else (including the competition)  will have 3 games under their belt. Nothing beats game experience regardless of how good you are.