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Comment 18 Mar 2020

This was me up until yesterday, when they finally appeared to come to their senses.  The OPTION was given, not the directive, to work from home.  When I told my boss I was going to choose the option, he puffed his chest out and said "well I'll be here at the office", followed by "your kids must be incredibly well behaved to leave you alone all day while you work".  It was a frustrating moment, to say the least.

Comment 31 Dec 2019

What's really exciting is looking at the star power of the 2018 class that hasn't blossomed or been given the chance to yet.  The 2017 class was historic and the impact they had this year was unmistakable.  But the 2018 class, on paper, is just as good.  It's reasonable to assume that a good number of these guys will make huge physical & intellectual strides over the spring and into the fall.  I expect big things next year.  

Justin Fields, #2 overall, #1 position
NPF - #7 overall, #1 position
Taron Vincent - #20 overall, #1 position
Tyreke Johnson - #21 overall, #2 position
Jaelen Gill - #30 overall, #2 position
Tyreke Smith - #34 overall, #4 position
Jeremy Ruckert - #37 overall, #2 position
Teradja Mitchell - #44 overall, #2 position
Tommy Togiai - #55 overall, #3 position
Matt Jones - #68 overall, #3 position
Josh Proctor - #71 overall, #7 position
Kam Babb - #73 overall, #13 position (not sure we can expect much due to injuries however)
Tyler Friday - #93 overall, #6 position

Other than Fields/Ruckert/Friday/Smith, we've barely seen these guys.

These are just the top 100 guys.  Sprinkle in Dallas Gant, Antwuan Jackson, K'Vaughn Pope, JJB, Sevyn Banks, Cam Brown, & Olave.  Star power everywhere.