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Comment 20 Jun 2017

I don't think they ever said you can't comment on said hot-button issue, but not to make it political.

The kid wanted to raise awareness about black deaths, the article provides nuance to show that it's about one thing (ie. black on black crime, or other incidents, but just in general).

Just my take, but thanks for sharing your thoughts man, you are a valuable part of our community :).

Comment 04 May 2017

A company I worked for matched 1-1 up to 6%. 

But as an Econ teacher, I have a bone to pick with your tax suggestion as it doesn't take into account the graduated income tax.

He would end up paying about 140k due to the fact that the first roughly 10k is taxed at 10%, and roughly the next 20k is taxed at 15% and roughly the next 50k is taxed at 25%, and roughly the next 100k is taxed at 28%, and the next roughly 220k is taxed at 33% and the next 2k is taxed at 35%, the rest is taxed at 39.6%.

So his effective federal tax rate (the IRS taking that you're referring to) would be about 29.8% of his paycheck. This isn't accounting for State and Local taxes. 

The US is still one of the lowest taxed countries in the developed world, so is it really criminal to tax like that?