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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being at the 1997 Rose Bowl win
    2002 & 2014 National Championships
    Anytime the Buckeyes kick the crap out of Penn State
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Orlando Pace, Eddie George

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Comment 28 Oct 2017

I am partly grateful to have my Master’s degree from PSU. I never get a ticket for parking in handicapped parking spots when putting the degree on my dash! Go Bucks!

Comment 01 Nov 2016

Remember, when we are on the road we are everyone's BIG game. Having been in the Shoe for several big games I would say it is loud (the USC game was shaking). I have been to Penn State for non Ohio State games and it is a completely different environment. Fans tend to bring it for big games. (booze helps too)

Comment 17 Oct 2016

I was right there with you! That rose bowl felt great during the Cooper era!

Comment 18 Sep 2016

Ben, I am with you on the last one...Beat the Bye! Hoping the Bucks have a great injury free, (and police incident free) week to rest up for B1G play.

Comment 03 Sep 2016

First game of a new season. For me this is like Christmas, New Year's, Birthdays and all of th best days rolled into one. It is a reminder that no matter what may change in the world there is the unifying relationship with the Buckeyes, Brothers and sisters in Scarlet and Gray that I have celebrated with from Italy to Jamaica. Today I remember why I became a Buckeye and how much that decision has effected my life. While I may not be able to watch the Bucks with my father anymore, I am forever grateful he introduced me to this.

While I, like all of you, wish to see us win every game, remember it is only a game. We never know when our opportunity for this experience will end. Celebrate the eternal bond which unites us together, The Ohio State University. Time and Change will surely show.....

Go Bucks! Beat BG!

Comment 03 Mar 2016

I was just in Maui in July. You have to go on the Haleakala zipline tour. It is amazing! The best thing about Aloha mixed plate besides the food is the music coming from the Luau next door in the evening.

Comment 27 Nov 2015

Has to be. I watched Tim Beck's former QB today vs Iowa. Saw the same lack of preparation and coaching I saw with our QBs this year. Sorry....this dude can't coach. Hopefully he can deliver for the Mrs.

Comment 12 Nov 2015

I am glad that there is a difference between the police of Columbus and those of Tallahahussacalussa, and others in the SEC. I have had many positive interactions with the CPD and they represent the city well.

Comment 12 Nov 2015

This is an example of why the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is the best in the nation. The ability to respect your rival. While each team and fan base wants nothing more than to see each others team lose, in times of need we are the first to assist the other. I would never expect Penn State to ever grasp this concept of a rivalry.

Comment 30 Oct 2015

 Sorry to any 11Dubbers I may have splashed between 1994 and 97! Driving a bus was a great way to make extra cash, and pick up chicks while at OSU. I think I flattened more squirrels than splashed pedestrians though.

Comment 21 Oct 2015

The hardest part of this quarterback situation for CJ is that the personnel is not available for him to be successful like last year. If all of our WR's were healthy and there was a deep threat like Devon Smith I believe CJ is still starting. It is not entirely his fault his skills do not fit the personnel available currently. If you want examples of bad fits for the system look at #98 the last few years up north, or Sackenburg to the east. I believe both of these qb's have talent and could have been successful if in the correct situation. I for one feel blessed that we have both of these guys on our team.   Imagine if we only had one option.... Last year does not happen. I admire the team first attitude.  Go Bucks!