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Comment 27 Dec 2019

#Negative Nancy! Why even play the game? Just concede. OSU has been doubted since the beginning  of the year, and over delivered with a new head coach and revamped defensive coaching staff and scheme. The Bucks will need to come out ready to play and establish a dominant rushing game. Day also needs to set up Fields to get the ball out quick to negate the aggressive pass rush that Venables will bring. Slants, screens, crossing routes, with some occasional deep shots will be key. Disguising coverages a lot better than against Wiscy in the first half of the big ten championship will also be crucial.  Laying out the 6’6” pencil Lawrence and consistent pass rush will set the tone and make him throw picks and negate their receivers. Of course aggressive but disciplined defense will be needed to contain Etienne. Bucks have this one 42-28 in a barrage slack jawed Swinney never saw coming. Ohio State vs the world! 

Comment 17 Jan 2019

Good at running his mouth and alienating himself from his team. Kid was going to walk away prior to fall camp. Hope he sits and then finds himself in a crowded QB room in a less favorable situation than at OSU. They have Jarrett and two other QBs that will have more playing time than him when he finally earns eligibility in 2020.

Comment 16 Jan 2019

Someone just swung and missed! Sounds like a bad situation for Tate in that he will be sitting out 2019 and the coaching change for a dumpster fire Miami team. Should have stayed at OSU until he graduated and then transferred to a solid team with a chance to win. Gotta love his Chicken Hawk bravado. He could have at least had a shot to beat out Fields and Baldwin, but packed up how balls and left.

Comment 14 Jan 2019

If he’s not still enrolled with the intention to graduate early, his intelligence should be questioned. No clue why he doesn’t just wait to see how things shake out with Fields at the end of spring camp ala Burrow. He won’t have access to a better QB developer than Day for wherever he ends up and could win out on a competition.