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Comment 22 Nov 2015

I honestly cannot believe how some take such a negative view of our beloved team after one game. Urban has brain farted twice in 52 games and both times against MSU. (Run Hyde in 2013 we win, throw down field, put an ounce of creativity in the play calling and give ball to Zeke, we win) But the solution is so easily fixable and our beloved tailback who spoke his mind had the answer. When we open the playbook and play up tempo offense and use our playmakers we destroy teams. When we play to lose and afraid of making plays we usually get away with it but sometimes we lose.  The media is piling on because Zeke spoke his mind. The locker room is split, we have no heart, MSU won the line of scrimmage and is tougher. When your defense is on the field for 38 minutes because your offense cannot make a first down because you refuse to get your best playmakers the ball, your defense gets tired. Their offense starts to move the ball it starts to snowball. It is simple. We beat Michigan if Urban gets back to playing to win and not Tressel ball. If not, we will be in a dog fight and the game will be a toss up against a team that has inferior talent. Hopefully Urban will wake the eff up and start playing to win on offense.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

Demario McCall is my guess as the next Ohio commit. 

On the flipping/soft verbal commits, I understand recruits change their minds and such which is part of the process. But flipping after being committed for close to better part of a year a week from signing day leaves coaching staffs in a very bad position and I would argue is not very cool given the rules. Urban knows this and has back up plans for this. We are still in on 8-9 recruits with maybe 2-3 spots. He is setting up OSU to become the UNC of womens soccer and I would bet he will breaks Bear Bryant's record of 6 National Championships by a head coach.

Comment 31 Jan 2014

I find it very comical the idea that anyone who was debating between scUM and any other school could arrive at Ohio State as the compromise school given the rivalry. They must really hate the Spartans.