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Comment 12 Jan 2014

I don't understand the need to downplay rumors or mention that an elite football program like OSU isn't going to make any rash decisions...? Doesn't this go without saying?

Who in Gods name actually takes any rumors about any of this seriously. It's all speculation. Even when it's from direct sources or The Dean himself. For cripes sake, even The King (Meyer) doesn't know what's happening in the minds of these kids with all the ego and fanfare at such a young age. Why would anyone believe in rumors?

Speculate and enjoy the ride. :)


Comment 12 Jan 2014

Why isn't there more talk on Wimbush? This kid looks great on film! He seems to already be in the same size category as Miller.

Im also not overly impressed with Gibson. I can see why he's ranked so high, but there's a lot I saw from him as a QB that I was only ho hum about. Supposedly he doesn't want to play any other position than qb.