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Comment 30 Apr 2018
Ok. I was unaware it was that bad, but are we to say it was the injury (he missed 1 game in his collegiate career), or his talent not being maximized due to playing out of position. He was the number one recruit that year, right? As talented as he is, 12 sacks in three years is not elite.
Comment 30 Apr 2018
Pretty sure there was a guy that had a pretty bad knee injury his senior season of HS. He came to OSU and is now projected to be a top 5 pick in next year's draft. What was his name?
Comment 17 Dec 2017

Yeah, but is he better than his dad? Probably not. Up for debate maybe. Don't think I've seen his work personally.

Comment 17 Dec 2017

He's not even the best coach in his family. Probably third.

Side note... Is a black check like a black AmEx card?

Comment 29 Sep 2017

Admittedly I did not read all the comments, but I think there is a way to get around title nine. I think if they come up with a type of profit sharing program, then the popular revenue generating programs will have the ability to pay players. They could also place names on the back of jerseys, use the players likeness, and have a contract with the players that have the proceeds from jersey sales divided amongst the whole team. 

I'm sure there are other creative ways to skirt title IX when it comes to paying these guys. I don't even think it has anything to do with title IX to be honest. I think a Lacrosse scholarship is reward enough. I don't see the University making millions of dollars of the backs of the Lacrosse team. I haven't done the research on which teams are profitable and which are operating on state funds, but if the sport is profitable then I think compensation on top of a scholarship is due. 

Comment 07 Aug 2017

I am also pretty confused about the Campbell anointment. The numbers and the film don't support the rhetoric. Campbell was a running back they tried to force into a receiver position. I think he fits the hybrid role much better, but I would still rather see McCall own that spot.

I am looking forward to breakout seasons from TMac, Dixon, Victor, Hill, and Mack. Any of our frosh production would be icing on the cake. 

Comment 28 Mar 2017

You can see the series on youtube. It is on go90's channel.

Here is episode 1.


Comment 13 Mar 2017

Amen. All this faux outrage is the problem. Almost anything can be taken out of context. Show the whole video, and I believe she pulls the armory out on her own. From the looks of it she is proud of the investment she is wearing. I will care when she makes a formal, or informal complaint.


Comment 03 Mar 2017

Isn't Florida SEC. Still wondering who 5 is.

edit: DUH... 4 out of 5.

Comment 10 Sep 2016

I second that. Dude was reeking havoc when he was in. Those long runs got a lot shorter. I saw him get skinny a couple of times and disrupt the play in the backfield.