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Comment 02 Jan 2019

Just think .  Brendon White would never have started a game this season had it not been for a targeting call.  

Coaches were clinging to their old depth chart while White was wasting away on the bench.  I wonder how many other deserving players are wasting away on the bench.....linebacker comes to mind

Comment 17 Aug 2018

1.  Drake is destroying the James Cancer Research Center by removing funds they’ve generated and diverting them to other medical areas.  So please don’t tell me he’s “killing it”, Mrs. Drake

2.  Florida State actually is getting more research dollars than ever from Federal grants after the Jameis Winston scandal......the one in which a player was accused of rape by a current student......dna samples were taken .....police actively sought to damage the case

3.  The university completely kicked the entire issue over to the police which they said was all the had to do 

FSU flipped the media the bird and was rewarded for it

OSU shows weakness and gets crucified 

if it drags on further, I’d resign and go coach ND or anywhere else 

Comment 22 Jul 2018

Byars was a good basketball player but not Power 5 good.  He and Cris Carter did dominate the intramural circuit in 83 and 84.  Carter was definitely big time in hoops.  Louisville offered him a full ride to play BB.  

I played intramural against Byars and had to guard him.  He pushed me all over the place with his huge butt and thighs.  Amazing strength down low.  He could easily dunk it as well.  Good ball handler.  His hands were just so huge too.  Palmed the ball like Jordan.  

The good ole days of playing in Larkins Hall and Jesse Owens North  I played with Tupa , Clift, Hoak, and Greg Anderson.  Tupa was a helluva player as well.

Comment 09 Jan 2018

You’re glad Urban put the feelings of JTB and his family over those of 100 other players?  There was a clear need to try a true throwing QB at times thes last 3 years.  But JTB got the nod with nearly zero consideration for competition 

yay.....we get to watch the true leaders of CFB.....Bama