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Comment 03 Apr 2020

As an Ohio track coach, I LOVE this post. Thank you! Also, can you imagine the outrage of many football coaches if I wanted to take my sprinters for 5 days during football season? Let the kids be. The year round push for constant weightroom and training is going to make many orthopedic surgeons very wealthy in the future. 

Comment 07 Aug 2019

How dare you write a journalism integrity article with facts and journalistic integrity!!! Damn you for speaking  truth. Well done and a great read.

Comment 12 Mar 2019

You are watching tape of him playing a 2-8 division VII team. I live in Norwalk and have seen this young man since grade school. He is massive and a good kid BUT he is NOT mobile. Kid got destroyed by quick lineman from Sandusky in league and playoffs. This was based on size alone and he is a BIG project. In the playoffs they did not run behind him on 4th and 1. I was shocked by the offer. I wish him the best but Mick will need to get those feet moving. Downvoters, this is not bashing the kid, this is truth. Watch last years playoff film. 

Comment 15 Sep 2018

Went with friends to Austin, Texas and Oklahoma. Both were the best I have ever been to. Go to Oklahoma. Stay in OKC. Lots to do and great people and city. Drive 30 minutes to campus gameday and have a blast. Go to Oklahoma tailgait run by a guy named John. Big inflatable helmet near student union. He will take great care of you and lots of awesome places to eat. 

Comment 03 Sep 2018

This is one of the few problems of recruiting at our current level. There will be kids with great talent that will need to go elsewhere to get a chance on the field.

Comment 23 Aug 2018

JC. So your sorry you got us all into this situation? Is your apology sincere? Now you know what Urban is dealing with. A no win situation of of your control. Not fun huh?

Comment 31 Jan 2016

Just got back from the game. FT shooting again killed this team. Why did Harris sit most of the second half? Also, after seeing multiple practices and games this season, please believe me that Greg Paulus coached this team as much as Thad or any other assistant. It is amazing how much this young man is doing. Hope he doesn't leave anytime soon.