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Comment 30 Mar 2017

I don't think some people will ever accept it.   That being said, I could see another rotation happening with Sheffield at the least, since he has some experience past high school.   Arnette would have to be out of this world for some people to not be clamoring for Okudah or Wade in week 1.

But it is always funny to read people's comments about how great some freshmen is going to be in game 1 of his college career when it almost never works out that way.   I think Okudah and Wade, etc, will have great careers, but it is going to take time for them to get up to game speed in college.

Comment 23 Mar 2017

You hit the nail on the head - we don't need tons of "wow" moments from the middle, just need to lead the defense, get guys in the right spots and cover your piece of the field.  McMillan wasn't a "wow" guy, but extremely effective as the QB of the defense and handling his assignments.   Feeling more and more comfortable with Worley moving over to the middle with every passing day.

Comment 14 Mar 2017

Reading Mitchell's name made me go on a small "where is he now" quest.

So, we all know he transferred to Texas Tech after redshirting at OSU in 2013, then sat out a year.   In 2015 he played sparingly, "racking up" 7 total tackles and decided to transfer out of Tech.  

He landed at Southeastern University, an NAIA school in Florida, where his younger brother, Kiwi, was also playing football.  He only appeared in 2 games in 2016 and had 5 total tackles.   Wondering if he got hurt, but I couldn't find anything on that and got tired of hunting after going down that rabbit hole for 30 minutes.   Not exactly how most of us thought his career would play out.