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Comment 18 Oct 2019

Oh no, someone said a potty word!!   

I never understood how people get so worked up over a "dirty" word.   It's the words intent that matters, not the sound the word makes.   You can say he meanest, rudest things imaginable without ever swearing.  The sooner people stop focusing on what they have been taught to believe is a bad word and instead focus on the message, the better. 

Comment 17 Sep 2019

OMG, I forgot how awful/awesome this show was.   As a kid the Bigfoot episode really freaked me out, I thought Steve had met his match.  Thanks for this blast from the past.  

It's like the sound effects are barely half-assedly attached to the action, so cringe worthy to see it now.    

Comment 30 Aug 2019

Typical first game of the season, with lots of sloppy penalties and turnovers.   But I agree, Cinci is going to be a tough out for sure -  Ridder looks much improved from last year and they have a good ground game (although banged up) and as always a solid defense.   But, they wont have the cozy confines of Nippert and a jacked up crowd backing them next Saturday.      

Comment 31 Jul 2019

Reyes is the prize of the deal, not Puig, not that Puig is bad, he's just a free agent in a couple months.   Reyes is under team control until 2025, is a developing into a monster power hitter and they can play him at DH since his defense blows.  And they got a decent pitching prospect, Logan Allen, from the Padres as well.   Great deal for the Tribe in my eyes.

Comment 03 Jul 2019

Great rundown.   And I am ashamed to admit I was on he Mason bandwagon.   I was OK with the Tressel hire, just wasn't convinced he could do it on the biggest stage.  

In regards to Spielman, I recall reading that Geiger was blown away by Spielman's interview especially since as you said he was just doing it as a courtesy to an OSU great, but just couldn't hire a guy with basically no experience.   

Comment 28 Jun 2019

Thanks for the Braxton highlight link.   Clearly he was a much better passer before his shoulder issues, he hit a ton of guys deep and in stride.   The other thing that jumped out was how much I miss Jake Stoneburner, man what a weapon he was.  Insert "will they finally use the tight end more this year" comment here.....