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Comment 17 Jan 2018

Exactly.   He was pure class and put the game first and wasn't worried about promoting his own voice.   Polar opposite of clowns like Vitale who think people are watching to hear their tired schtick.

Comment 09 Jan 2018

If memory serves, Bollman was actually a very good and well respected o-line coach before becoming everyone's favorite former offensive coordinator whipping boy.   So from that aspect it makes sense.

Hope Brewster gets the shot he so clearly really wants. 

Comment 29 Dec 2017

Yes, once you are locked in, you are locked in.   Now, the real "gamble" is if you bet OSU to cover the 6 already and not think they will win by 7,8 or 9 points, then you could now also bet USC +10.   Pretty ballsy move, but if the numbers between 6-10 hit you cash in big, and you are somewhat hedged on any other outcome (you win one bet, lose the other, but have to pay the juice).

Comment 25 Dec 2017

Just as an FYI - he returned to his hometown of Brecksville and up until this past season had been the offensive coordinator for the Brecksville-Broadview Heights HS team.   His offenses were always prolific (many years due to his very talented sons).   My son played for him for 2 years.   Heck of a coach and a good guy.

Comment 23 Dec 2017

I love this kind of family drama (when I am not involved).   When will your puppy chips run out?   Will the dog drop another log on the carpet?  How long before the MIL can take no more and makes a snide comment about you and/or the dog?  This is good stuff, I want more.

Comment 01 Sep 2017

I had forgotten about that until I watched the video.   Was a very curious decision by their coach indeed.  Thankfully it worked out, and it never gets old watching those highlights.

Comment 31 Aug 2017

In my mind, he will always be "The Dick from French Lick".   As a Sixers fan growing up - screw Larry Bird.