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Comment 06 Aug 2017

I highly recommend steel-toed shoes, eye protection, hearing protection,and sunblock when mowing and edging. You only get 1 pair of feet, eyes,and ears; plus, melanoma is deadly, Bukyze.



Comment 29 Oct 2016

So, you're saying we'll manhandle them like TTUN is doing.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

Your skin in the game is emotional investment and the emotional outcome is real to you (and other fans.)


Comment 23 Oct 2016

1. Yeah, but

2. Hope it's not too late this year

3. You need to check your grammar in this bullet point. Learn your thens and thans.

4. But with our scarlet-colored glasses on, we all half expect to go undefeated.

5. Hot damn! We did, but later he came up hobbling.

6. Mike Weber does looks good. I wish we could block better for him.

7. We should have been in the 2 minute drill at about the 3:14 mark.

8. But I can still want to win every game forever, especially those against teams we should beat.

9. Too bad the secondary wasn't more solid.

10. Amen.

11. UV for you.