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Comment 06 Oct 2019

Agree except as to Fields, Chase Young and Dobbins.  Those three should all come-out when we know we have the game won.  The back-up QBs need reps and they could just as easily hand the ball off to Teague.  Also, our back-up OL needs reps.  And, we have numerous great back-up DEs, why keep Young in harms way.

Comment 06 Oct 2019

I thought that this was our best game of the year.  MSU is a quantum jump in quality over everyone else we have played, although I still think Cincinnati is a very very good team thanks to Coach Fickel.  MSU has an equally great Coach and a great DC in Tressell.  They also have two legitimate AA candidates in Bache and Willekas.  They have a mobile and courageous QB.  The fact that we racked up 340+ yards on the ground against them was the most impressive thing to me.  Thank you OL, Dobbins and Teague, and Coach Stud!  It will be interesting to see how Wisconsin fares next week.  They have a great RB but not a great QB or passing game. In addition, can we stop calling Teague an "or" back-up.   He is our next great RB and, if possible, we should red-shirt Crowley & Steele who both look very good also.  That would eliminate the need for a 2020 RB.  Finally, why not give NFP a shot at RT or even as back-up at LT?  I like both Bowen and Alabi, but this kid is our future along with Johnson.

Comment 02 Sep 2019

This will be a tough game. Most Cincy players and some coaches would rather be at OSU. So motivation will be high. But our skill level and defense will prevail. Plus no comparison offensively. Bucks by 14+

Comment 01 Sep 2019

Overall, it was an excellent first game for a very young offense. Perhaps Miller or Jones should get a shot at left guard. But pretty good. We have to let Fields pick his spots to run cause if he gets hurt, we are in real trouble. Applaud Day and the staff for getting lots of guys some playing time. Jackson deserves more playing time on DL and Proctor at Safety.  LBs again did not play up to their abilities, but not bad, and Harrison was exceptional. Very concerned about Cincinnati.

Comment 19 Jul 2019

Day has the correct philosophy. Fields clearly has the ability, but Gunnar Hoak has more experience and plenty of ability as well. No one is just handed the QB job at TOSU. By earning it, one of them will also earn the respect of his teammates and the right to be the team’s leader. No one can simply be handed those reins. If Joe Burrow was still here, he would be the team leader and even someone with Fields’ ability would be hard-pressed to win the job. I hope that Hoak is also participating in these throwing sessions.

Comment 16 Jul 2019

We are very fortunate that Coach Day has succeeded Coach Meyer.  Both are great Coaches.  Both hired great Assistant Coaches and those Assistants know how to recruit and coach.  We now have the number 2 Class in the Country with several more great recruits to come.  Welcome to Buckeye Nation to all of these young men.  I look forward to watching them play as Buckeyes over the next five seasons.

Comment 21 Jun 2019

The good news is that Fields should be here for two or more seasons. Better news is that the two guys who will succeed him are great QBs. Best news is that Day is a great offensive mind and he will plan to score both outside and inside the red zone. Let’s stop worrying about perceived problems. 71 days until opening day!

Comment 14 Jun 2019

Andre has also, often, been expected to guard the other team's biggest scoring threat.  As with everything else, he has done this pretty well.  With his height and strength, I see him as more of a defensive specialist, who can score when necessary.  Agree that he needs to cut down on TOs, as does everyone.  I am glad that he is on our team and I look forward to him being the leader.  He'll get his ring(s) this season!

Comment 19 May 2019

This young man sounds like a great prospect. Buckeyes should be a very good team the next three seasons. We need guys like Moody, Liddel, Carton, Walker and Gaffney to arrive ready to play immediately and to score consistently. And we need Washington and Ahrens to take big leaps forward this year offensively and especially defensively. Already getting excited about BB thanks to Coach Holtman.