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Comment 04 Dec 2020

Silly...yes. But those 4 teams would legit arguments over us for the playoffs, regardless if it's 2 conferences.

Comment 04 Dec 2020

Tennessee is so bad, I just can't see it...but that would be HUGE for us.

Our nightmare scenario is:

Clemson barely beats ND in a tight one.

Florida upsets Bama in SEC CG

Unfortunately I think that scenario would be ND, Clemson, Bama & Florida in the Playoffs

Comment 03 Dec 2020

Nope, not a chance. We haven’t looked for 4 quarter’s yet like a Top 4 team. We win 3-2 and I can guarantee we get jumped

Comment 02 Dec 2020

Again fool...if they had played last week...the next 2 weeks would have been put in serious doubt...they did the right thing. The B10 pushing the season back...the wrong thing and will be the reason OSU gets screwed

Comment 02 Dec 2020

About 40 straight years I've watched THE GAME (I'm sure there are guys on this board with much longer)

But it's going to be really really weird if that game is not played...

Comment 01 Dec 2020

Be careful what you wish for. If Penix can throw for 490...Zach Wilson will throw for 600

Comment 01 Dec 2020

That’s what I stated in the original post. But if you don’t think they are influenced by the’re dead wrong. That’s just human nature 

Comment 01 Dec 2020

Burying your head in the sand wont make it go away. They are presenting facts AND opinions...that's their job. It's hard to disagree with what they are saying. We don't get in on Name and Paper

Comment 01 Dec 2020

My fear is we will get in based on the brand and paper. We have not played like a Top 4 team (for a full game) this year and stop kidding yourself if you think we have. If we play Bama in round 1...we lose by 20+. We didn't have an answer for Penix and think this defense has any shot at stopping Mac Jones, Harris and DeVonta Smith???

The narrative the country will run with if we get in on name alone and then get blasted....oh boy