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Comment 24 Feb 2019
As I stated months ago...this a HUGE year for OSU football ( yes I know they are all huge, but this capital HUGE) 12-1, 13-0 is Paramount. This will set up recruiting for the next 5 years. Any kind of slip up like a 9-3 season and recruits will lose confidence in Day...mark it down. We seen some decommit so far, but that could be players waiting to see how we do in Year One. This season will speak a TON to where we will be headed in the next 5+ years. We could have a smooth transition like Dabo and Lincoln, or we could be like USC, Florida, Miami, Michigan....
Comment 20 Feb 2019
The name of a position on the field "ruins the game" for you???? How? The name of a position means nothing during a game, not sure how that "ruins" it for you
Comment 17 Jan 2019
I highly doubtful he's in competition for anything but the 3rd way this guy moves up unless injury occurs
Comment 13 Jan 2019
BuckeyeinDenver, where do you live? I'm basically 5th and Broadway...Baker neighborhood
Comment 10 Jan 2019
He's a West Coast guy (Nevada), I could see him with Chip Kelly at UCLA
Comment 08 Jan 2019
It's not like *ichigan is running a bunch of 2* athletes out there. My buddies new weeks before the Game that they couldn't stop the crossing routes and this coaches did nothing to change. I like the Washington hire, he's an upgrade, I'm just not sold on Mattison. I thought it was a legit question from my friend
Comment 08 Jan 2019
Some of you guys are insufferable. Their defense was great because they didn't play any decent offenses. The 3 times they did, they got beat. Couple of my *ichigan fans were never 100% sold on the defense. They all said we will wait and see when they play OSU...well we know what happened. These guys that gave up 100+ points in the last 2 games will need to scheme against Clemson and Bama next season... hopefully...hope some of you clowns are right