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Comment 18 Mar 2012

I hope Amir Williams will get a couple more minutes a game from this performance.  That would deepen the bench and give us another defender.  Craft was very impressive.  Happy with 4 B1G teams in the sweet 16.  After watching the UK game, I now think they could be beat by a physical team.  They were definately having trouble with Iowa State's physical play.  I could see Sparty taking them out, assuming they play. 

Comment 08 Mar 2012

Some Pitt Alums I know have told me that PSU and Pitt are natural rivals, and that's why I put them in.  As for PSU trying to block them, its possible. 

Comment 08 Mar 2012

  I was only looking to them b/c of their ties with being a founding member of B1G.  They do have a team BUT it is no way able to compete with B1G teams. Interestingly Chicago left after they put less of an emphasis on athletics after WWII.   I will edit my post with another institution that can compete in all sports.  Here is a good article on the History of the B1G.


Comment 08 Mar 2012

I think the best fit would be Pitt.  I realize they are switching to the ACC but I feel they are a better fit for B1G.  Strong academics, decent football, good basketball.  Bring back Chicago, I mean our trophy is named after Amos Alonzo Stagg and they were one of the founding members of Big Ten . 

I feel eventually ND will go to a conference but not until most schools have switched conferences.  ND would be a good fit, even though I despise them, hell they play 3-4 B1G teams regularly already.  The only way they switch is if they lose the TV contract with NBC or  realize they can make as much if not more with the B1G network. 

For the last spot Kansas due to geography, they will also increase competition in basketball.

My vote: Keep the original 12, add Pitt(if possible), Chicago(welcome back), ND(feel sick), Kansas.

This keeps us in our markets and expands into mid west.

Comment 01 Mar 2012

I read somewhere that academics were his #1 priority and he was interested in Business.  (Maybe it was on Bucknuts)  Either way OSU's Business School Fisher is ranked higher (25) than PSU's (40).  PSU's 1 speciality is Operations and Logistics Management which is 5th in the nation, OSU is 6th or 7th ranked in Ops & Logs, plus we are high ranked in other areas like Accounting.  If he is not lying and academics is #1, OSU would be a better fit, BUT that isn't to say that PSU business school is bad, it is also very good.  (Got Stats from 2012 US News and World Report-Top Undergraduate Business Schools)

Personally I still think PSU, hope for OSU.

Comment 26 Feb 2012

Could see this team losing in the sweet 16.  They still have some time to work on things, but my gut is telling me this team is not a NC contender, I hope I am wrong

Comment 12 Feb 2012

Although I was not happy with the on court performance yesterday, it is all about March.  In the past 10 years the eventual national champion has lost 5 games on average.  The Bucks this year have lost 4 games so far.  I am hoping the team can use this loss as a "motivational tool" to give them a good jolt.  Hopefully they can learn from the loss and they can grow. It really all boils down to getting hot at the right time. 

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2011 UConn (32-9)

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2004 UConn (33-6)

2003 Syracuse (30-5)

2002 Maryland (32-4)

Comment 30 Jan 2012

The OH-IO chant is nice if you live out of state, or its right before a game and everyone is hyped up, in the stadium is cool too.  However I get irritated when some guy will scream that chant MULTIPLE times, my personal rule: Only do the cheer at max 3 times, after that people lose steam.  Drunk people tend to go over the 3 cheer rule, and they are too smashed to realize they are the only ones screaming at attempt #5.

Comment 15 Jan 2012

Thank you Buckeyenation for giving Luke Fickell a well deserved ovation. He took a bullet for the program, and it was nice to see the fans recognize him for it.  Also no matter how many "O-H's" Gene Smith says, you can still hear the boos, lol.