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Comment 20 Oct 2011

You are comparing an all american/pro bowl linebacker to a video coordinator?

Ease off heacock's sac, what elite units are you talking about? OSU has fielded good not elite defenses with Heacock. Elite defenses would not get embarrassed by equal talent(florida, lsu, usc) when those opportunities present themselves.

You think because Heacock was his boss that Meyer feels as if Heacock is the bee's knees? Given Meyer's rapid ascension and multiple national titles, I have a feeling he respects and may like Heacock but it would end there.

If you have heard Spiels commentate on games, he knows what he is talking about. I fear a few Bucks fans may associate the cbus destroyers lack of success with Spiels coaching acumen. That is silly.

Comment 20 Oct 2011

Spiels would be fine as a D coordinator. You cannot compare Siciliano to Spiels. Spiels played at the highest level, and as evidenced by his commentary, know wtf he's talking about. I would take Spiels over Heacock any day of the week. Reason being, Spiels would go down with his holsters empty and his defense playing significantly more aggressive then what they do now. For example, when you watch LSU's defense and OSU's defense, tenacity is the biggest difference. That 'balls to the wall, we are going to beat you into the ground' mentality is prevalent in their program. Ohio State's defense is, and has been, good but not great since Hawk and co left.

Comment 18 Oct 2011

joejoekl- Hyde and Hall are not nearly as good bc Hall is being used incorrectly and Hyde is not as good bc he does not yet have boom's patience but is quicker and may have found his groove in the loss to nebraska?

kevinfrenchfry- don't diss boom? are you his blood relative? i don't have the hard on for boom that some of you do and I cannot voice my apathy towards his actual talent? and just bc he was big ten means diddly. all big ten means what?

Bucksfan- we would have lost bc Hyde couldn't run for four yards every time? ok. It's a shame you don't want me running the program, I figured most bucks fans would love my no huddle spread with Miller and Boren rolling to either side throwing to a trips formation of Hall/Stoney/and Smith with Brown backside, subbing in Hyde or Berry for Boren every now and again. You're right, we should keep bollman in there for another decade.

Buckeyejason- I've never said sabino was better then rolle. Thanks for repeating yourself, missed it the first time.

joel121270- Yes, one dimensional.

You can have boom as the starting tailback on your squad. I would go another route.

Comment 18 Oct 2011

Danny I do not agree with 'Hyde needs to watch and learn one of the conference's best backs.'

Hyde does everything asked of him, looks like he has found his rhythm with this offensive line, DID NOT VIOLATE ANY RULES, and is better the boom.

Boom violates team/university/ncaa laws, gets his starting spot handed to him, and is not as talented as Hyde.

You are essentially saying that 'Carlos, work hard and you will be rewarded by eating sideline when a violator comes back because he runs hard. Thanks for your work this year, we appreciate everything you have done and look forward to you earning the tailback spot next year. '

I know I am in the minority but I don't give a funk about boom and his one dimensional running style. I cannot wait until he is gone. He is as exciting to watch run as Lydess Ross was.

I understand Hyde's frustration and tweets. 'Thanks coaches, I bust my ass for you and you bury me when a rule breaker returns. Your gratitude is well received.'

-What happened to earning your way back? Thought boom was going to have to grind on special teams and share carriers?

There is a way to run a program and a way not to. This entire year is a case study in how not to.


Comment 17 Oct 2011

A ten! A fucking ten!

Comment 14 Oct 2011

Who misses the senator? 'let's kick a fg from the one yard line boys.' 'f*ck that noise.

Comment 12 Oct 2011

That was the most frustrating part of the game! They are going to run it so take out Moeller (or Bryant and move Moeller to Strong) and bring in a third linebacker. It is easy to outnumber a nickel D in the run game. Adjustments seem to be a foreign concept to this staff.

Comment 12 Oct 2011

Sweat is not very good. Slow sideline to sideline and missing way too many tackles. He's a good hitter and tackler if he gets his hands on the ball carrier. Shoddy coverage.

Speaks volumes about this season that Sweat and the punter are the frontrunners for MVP.

Comment 11 Oct 2011

Fickell seems like a douchebag. Not saying he is because I do not know him but based off of presser notes and his beatass responses the entire year, huuge duff.