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Comment 11 Feb 2020

2006 was the only one I have been lucky enough to attend, never going to complain about that.  Number 2 is Curtis Samuels leap, number 3 is the blocked punt to TD two years ago that turned it into a blowout, the game that was Mich way into the playoff and back into relevancy. You hate to see it 

Comment 23 Nov 2019

PSU has the second best D line in the conference after us. TTUN is having success on D based on scheme. It’s up to Day and Co to develop the winning recipe

Comment 10 Nov 2019

We won’t hear much about it in all likelihood until the next units come out next Saturday, but here’s to hoping the young man recovers 

Comment 10 Nov 2019

Agreed, here’s to hoping Crowley is good to go.