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Comment 07 Oct 2011

We went the non-Ohio man route with Coop. And while we had hordes of great players and many great seasons something was always missing. If we pursue Peterson--and for some reason a west coast guy with no ties to the state says yes--I think we'll have the same experience.

My sense, like most, is that this is Urban's job. If he passes then we have a horse race between Pelini, Gruden, and Dantonio, with an outside shot at someone like Tim Beckman getting the job.

If no Meyer, then personally, I like Gruden for what he instantly brings to the table. Experience. Cache-slash-instant respect. A golden rolodex for coordinators. And an offensive-focus that honors the QB.

This move is akin to what the 49ers have done with Jim Harbaugh in the NFL. They had talent and a good, albeit underperforming QB, who has suffered with a different offensive coordinator every single year. You hire a guy who gets instant respect, has the character to expand that respect, and one that can bring along the most important asset on the team--the QB--while not messing up what you do best, which is defense.

Yes, Gruden may not coach Ohio State for a decade, but is that so bad if you got a coach that kept the talent rolling in, got the Buckeyes playing a pro-style offense, and got us winning things? I'd take 4-5 years of that and then a baton hand-off, for sure. And who knows? Maybe Gruden would stick.

Comment 26 Mar 2011

No freaking way I can call this team an "underachieving disappointment." They won a silly number of basketball games, the B1G regular season outright, AND the B1G tourney title.

The NCAA tourney is a crapshoot. The seeding is a crapshoot. The location and times of your games are a crapshoot, too. And, in the end, the winner a week from Monday may or may not be the best basketball team in college basketball. They will have been the best for the six tourney  games they ended up playing and for three weeks' time. That's it.

We were among the best (if not THE best) for nearly the entire season. And the best Buckeye hoopsters I've seen in my 40 years.

So stand up and applaud. Tip your cap. It's fine to be ticked off tonight; we're all dying a little inside. It's because we loved this team (especially its seniors) and we knew the squad was special.

But the thing is...they still are.

Comment 14 Mar 2011

Can't see it with Kennedy being lost for the remainder of the season with the ACL injury he picked up against 'Cuse. But, clearly, this region appears wide open. Hard not to like Pitt, but I think this will be the one that produces the big Final Four surprise--Wisconsin, KState, MSU, or the Zags.

Comment 10 Mar 2011

Not trying to be argumentative and you may well be right, but that is not my read at all...

The OSU letter indicates it came across an email (interestingly, it does not date it) from Jim Tressel (to whom we do not know), which resulted in searching his email account, which then resulted in uncovering three strings. They do not say this initial email was part of the subsequently found string. The order of events is important here; this is a letter from OSU to the NCAA--it's been drafted by attorneys for attorneys. Language would be precise and vetted.

My read is that they very well could have found some email, yet undisclosed, that led to finding the emails all of us have seen.

Now, I know that the Dispatch is running a timeline on their website that suggests that the first email discovered was one we've seen. But I simple have not seen that fact verified in Q&A or any official comment, have you? It seems presumptions to me.

And, of course, there's this widely reported exchange:

After his opening remarks to the media Tuesday, Tressel was asked by Yahoo Sports reporter Dan Wetzel:

    “Jim, you talked about the confidentiality of the situation and upholding it. Did you forward any of the emails to anyone?“

Following Wetzel’s question, Tressel nodded his head in Wetzel’s direction up and down as to indicate yes. Though before Tressel could speak, Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith, who was standing next to Tressel, said,  “We can’t get into that right now.”

Meaning? There is likely at least one other email here, if not more. Stay tuned.

Comment 10 Mar 2011

Yes, the search was on an unrelated matter, but that paragraph goes on to say:

...the institution's Office of Legal Affairs discovered an email from Coach Tressel that was the subject matter of some of the activities pertaining to the University's December 2010 NCAA self-report. The Office of Legal Affairs notified appropriate institutional officials and an additional inquiry began. One of the first actions was to conduct a search of Coach Tressel's email account. The search uncovered three email strings between Coach Tressel and an attorney related to this matter and certain student-athletes. Two strings occurred in April 2010, and one in June 2010.

Note the language in bold. An email "from" coach was found. We don't know what that email was nor the language therein. And the language above seems to want to keep that murky at the moment, i.e., it was the subject matter of some of the activities pertaining to the University's December 2010 NCAA self-report. Tough to unravel that other than to say it's related to the tattoo and memorabilia shenanigans. Yet, interestingly, at the end of the above, we read that the subsequent email search uncovered emails related to this matter, which reasonably can mean the same matter as just referenced three sentences above.

In short: Tressel sent some email to OSU Legal on the matter. He didn't do nothing. And he's confirmed as much in public-record questioning when he said he forwarded the email to someone. Put it together, and I suggest he probably sent the email on to OSU Legal or sent a nebulous separate email highlighting something could be going on.

Let's wait and see. I imagine this will be made clear soon.

Comment 10 Mar 2011

It's becoming apparent by the hour that there's plenty more to the story and I'd imagine "the more" will be facts that lighten the "guilty" perception of Coach Tressel.

The OSU media relations people know what they're doing; you keep your powder dry. The press conference had to happen to respond to the leak. The media spin cycle starts on full-go and they had to put down some facts to let them chew, spit, and repeat all week. The next step is to re-position the story by adding additional elements of fact, after "more careful due-diligence" and consulting feds, NCAA, etc. These come out and some of the "why in the world would he?" questions get answered. It also makes clear that the media went for the quick and easy pile-on, and they look stupid enough that at lease a few scrupulous editors and bloggers pull back to learn more.

We know, as a course of comment, that Tressel did in fact forward the email to someone and it's probabnly OSU Legal. It's implied in OSU's own letter to the NCAA as that department mentions discovering this via one of its emails. So Tressel "not having done the right thing" is simply being fueled by too much hyperbole at the moment. I suspect that we will soon learn that he was advised by someone in the legal departmen (probably junior) to keep quiet on what he knew. That person may or may not be the total scapegoat here. But it will be come increasingly clear that while Tressel screwed up big, he wasn't (and isn't) the cheat all are making him out to be. And, I think, the NCAA will concur by not adding too much more in punishment.

Is the above speculation? You bet. But, I for one, am ready for some positive speculation as too many seem happy to conjure only worsening scenarios akin to the end of Ohio State Football as we know it.

Comment 20 Feb 2011
I said more or less the same on the O-Zone during the game and almost had my head taken off. But this is both true and very worrisome as Lighty is a senior and one of the most experienced players we have. His mistakes seem largely mental--sloppy turnovers, forced shots, and lazy defense--so you have to question where his head is at as we enter the stretch run and tournament play. Personally, I'd like to see him on the bench and/or called out by coach. It may be going that way as I've read he called out the team for being "soft" in the locker room after the game.
Comment 17 Feb 2011
Great analysis. For me, Sully goes based on where he gets the ball. When he's getting the ball outside the paint, he's much less effective. This is a question of technique and timing from the entry pass. I believe he needs to be far more patient in getting the rock. As for the men on the perimeter, the Buckeyes have a tendency to stand around, waiting for someone to break their man off the dribble. They get away with it because they are the most talented team in the league.
Comment 08 Sep 2010

I can't think about the 2002 season without being emotional. My mother--an OSU grad, bona-fide football nut, and someone who took me to games since 1977--died earlier that spring. Her presence stood with me during each one of those crazy games that fall. When Jenkins caught that fourth down pass against Purdue, I was clutching her photo, wearing her lucky Buckeye hat, and praying with all I had. I was in the stadium in Tempe. In my pocket was the cross she had in her hand when she died. And I squeezed that sucker so hard that evening it left marks on my hand. When we were facing that early-overtime, long 4th down, I mumbled something to the effect of thanking her for making me a Buckeye fan and that I was okay with however things went from there. Jenkins picked it up on an out pattern, and I knew we were going to win. I started laughing and when the final play happened below me in the end zone a short while later, me and a lifetime fiend (also a friend of my mother's) tackled one another and fell maybe three or four rows. Pure magic. Unforgettable.


This photo was taken of my Mom and I at the 1994 Ohio State v Michigan game.