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Comment 12 Jun 2017

Sometimes, a guy's name alludes to / foreshadows greatness. I recall thinking this when Orlando Pace committed, saying "that name just sounds like he'll be great at the position".  Eddie George, Joe Germaine, Antoine Winfield and Andy Katzenmoyer all had a ring to their names in this respect, too. There is something about a back named Master Teague that makes me goose-bumpey.  Welcome, MT!

Comment 28 Aug 2015

It is hard to quantify how many ways the campus area has changed since I first came to Columbus. In 1992, every other doorway on High Street was a dive bar, and the street was roped off on Friday and Saturday nights to prevent drunks from stumbling into traffic. There were thirty-some bars that participated in a 'Mug Promo', where you purchased a specific drinking vessel for about twenty dollars and could have it refilled with beer at any of those bars for 19 cents. High Street has been drastically renovated, and looks nothing like it did back then (upscale shopping, living and dining have replaced dive bars and slummy apartments). I am proud of how far the campus area has come from those days. Ohio State is putting a good image out there for the Freshmen class to see. I wish them all the best.

Comment 03 Jul 2015

My Bucket List includes seeing at least one home game at as many of the 128 Division 1 FBS schools as I can before I die. I'm a ways in, clocking about seventy games at various venues. By far, the single worst experience I've ever had was at Camp Randall.  I am still stunned by the level of sheer assholitude shown to a visiting fan by Badger fans. To this date, I hate Wisconsin, and the whoopin' the Scarlet and Gray put on them last season was by far the sweetest drubbing of an opponent I've ever seen.

I was at the game with my seventy year old mother. She graduated from Ohio State in 1959, and was a lifelong Buckeye. She was thrilled to accompany me to the 2002 game to see her team play. Of course, we both represented our team with school colors, and that is something I feel proud to do when watching my team play an away game (showing up in Ohio State garb is something obligatory, right?).  Anyway, we beat the Badgers that day by about five points.  During the game, there was an obscene level of hostility and poor sportsmanship displayed by Badger fans to the visiting Buckeye fans...and not one Badger fan saw fit to chastise their fellow fans for this.  My mom got beaned in the head with ice cubes!

During the game, we witnessed the arrest of four brawling fans not far from us who were, presumably cheering for the same team. And though we were seated on the fringe of the visiting fans section (where we probably should have expected some level of agitation from the home fans) and I was expecting these fans to show their asses, I am still somewhat shocked by the behavior of the home crowd in Wisconsin.

It is never fun to feel threatened as a visiting fan, but I was worried for a little while as we exited the stadium.  This is the reason I make every effort to behave myself when in the Horseshoe, and I try to help visiting fans enjoy themselves by being a gracious host.  It isn't hard to do, and generally makes the game more enjoyable for everyone.  School pride is one thing.  Menacing hostility is not something a good fan base should promote, and I'm proud of my fellow Buckeye fans that are of a similar mindset.

Comment 25 Jun 2015

There is proof here that Jim Tressel is a much better person than I am (but then, one doesn't have to look very hard to come to this conclusion). The fact that he bears Pryor no ill will speaks volumes (I cannot say that I feel the same, and admit that I carry a huge cross against Pryor...and he didn't even do anything to cost me my job).  His ability to grow as a person in his new role outside football is most admirable, and serves as a lesson to anyone who has ever had to leave a position behind for reasons beyond their control.  I miss him tremendously, and will always consider him our Coach, NCAA be damned.

Comment 28 May 2015

With all due respect to the spirit of enthusiasm and the abject loyalty that we all feel to our beloved Scarlet and Gray, I'm going to suggest we table the Heisman pyschobabble until it matters.  It is absolutely inevitable that this team will wind up gracing the fatal cover of SI prior to the season, and stacking the deck against us is a wave of overconfidence that, historically, tends to be our undoing. Like the 2002 and 2014 Buckeyes, I greatly prefer a team that starts ranked in the mid-teens and climbs to a team that starts out #1 and has to run the table with every single game being 'The Game' for opposing teams.

This is going to be a very hard run, and Zeke probably won't win the Heisman if the Buckeyes are not in a position to repeat as champs.  I would humbly suggest we not pound this drum just yet.

Comment 24 May 2015

In fairness, we got our asses handed to us two consecutive SEC teams. Propped or no, a drubbing at the hands of Florida and LSU still sits in my memory as a pretty good sign the conference they come from is strong.


Comment 16 May 2015

As the lone dissenter, I LOVE noon games!

In fact, I'll go so far as to mention that I HATE it when games start at 8 pm.  While I would NEVER admit to snoozing through a single second of ANY Buckeye game, I can remember a few yawns coming late in the fourth quarter as I watched 1am approach.  As a fan of the game of college football, Saturday means I've been watching since pre-Gameday hit the air at 9 am (now that the BTN is available, often even earlier).  By the final moments of a late game, if it hasn't been a close one I'm asleep before my head hits the pillow. On the other hand, if it has been a cliffhanger, I'm up all goddamned night.

Fans in the western United States have NEVER seen a game kickoff at 8 pm. And, for further perspective, living in the western time zones means that you're watching Gameday at 7am and have to be well lubricated and ready for kickoff at 10am.  Noon ain't early!

Comment 15 May 2015

Super piece, Eric! Sometimes I feel like the 'other' sports get lost in the shuffle, and it is nice to read something about those we don't touch on often. If I had one thing to change about my favorite website, it would be to ask for a bit more diversity in focus (not a stands to reason that football is square one).  Anytime you can include a blurb about our wrestlers, you've got my full attention!

Comment 11 May 2015

Driving a stake through the heart of the Gulf State Football Empire is something that would be on par with blowing up the Death Star, but I wonder if that is where it ends. Time will tell. Perhaps, mid-battle during their November meeting with LSU, as he stares agog at the carnage brought on by a surprising display of power, we'll hear Les Miles exclaim as he stares at Darth Saban's brainchild, "THAT THING IS OPERATIONAL".

OK, so all that is a stretch. Point is, I'm not ready to cut off the Crimson Tide's head and call them dead yet (wait...I'm back to using vampire analogies...arrgh).

Comment 10 May 2015

Knew I'd get DV'ed on that. The difference, for me, is that I LIKE Mo. I never liked Pryor. I thought it was as big a mistake to recruit him as it was to recruit Zwick (still, love Zwick...great kid). Pryor never fit a Tressel offense. His actions off the field showed me that he didn't care about being a Buckeye. Just my opinion, and it is, apparently, largely unpopular. Which is good for Mr. Pryor. I'm sure he'd lose little sleep knowing is ain't my favorite guy.

Comment 06 May 2015

I'm pretty comfortable expressing abject resent for TP. It started with the hooplah surrounding his recruitment, and pretty much continued through his career at OSU. He had ZERO reverence for the privilege of playing college football and pretty much spit in the face of every hard-working, ethically sound student athlete out there. I don't feel bad for him one tiny bit.

Comment 27 Apr 2015

Worth mentioning that Roosevelt ORDERED MacArthur out of the Pacific Theater and into Australia. Also worth mentioning that MacArthur's family lived in Manila at the time, and that might have something to do with his conviction that they were vital.

Cut a guy some slack.

Comment 26 Apr 2015

I like Ann Arbor. It is actually a pretty nice city. I kind of like Austin, too. Come to think of it, both have lots going for them that I don't have here in Lexington, KY. But as a Buckeye, I have to laugh until I piss myself to think that anyone would choose to live in any other city in the country AS A MEMBER OF THE TEAM THAT REPRESENTS THAT CITY. Think about it. Columbus is more metropolitan than 90% of the cities in the midwest. It is also a Mecca of art, and is the entrepreneurship capital of the world. Ann Arbor is a joke by comparison.

Go ahead, 'Baugh. Do your thing.