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Comment 21 Aug 2019

My partner, Judith, simply cannot stand football. Prior to EVERY Buckeye and Browns game, I am the recipient of the same litany: "I don't understand you. Why do you watch that stupid game(?)," ad nauseum. Thank the stars for the ability to "tape" games that may hold importance to the Buckeye's season, which are the only additional contests to which I pay attention. I have to watch them after she goes to bed, though...

Comment 08 Aug 2019

I am a zoologist by training, and thereby hate to see any animal in distress, (for any reason) Condor, but I have been chuckling at your post for the past fifteen minutes. Thanks for the ear-to-ear grin.

Comment 08 Aug 2019

I am a zoologist by training, and thereby hate to see any animal in distress, (for any reason) Condor, but I have been chuckling at your post for the past fifteen minutes. Thanks for the ear-to-ear grin.

Comment 22 Jan 2019

I think I that the correct way of phrasing your German sentence, Leonhard, would be " Ich habe gleich in meinen Hosen geschissen. " Come to think of it, though, I lived in Berlin for eight years, and the German people who I knew were so polite, that they probably would never even have thought of using that expletive. More likely, the phrase "Ein Irrtum von mir" would apply. 

In any event, this was a great article.

Comment 02 Jan 2019

I used to live near Tucson, (I was stationed at Fort Huachuca for a couple of years) Cruiser, and liked the city a lot. I live in Santa Fe, NM now, and like it here, too, so I think that you, too, will come to appreciate the Southwest. I have always missed Ohio, but at least we receive BTN

Comment 24 Dec 2018

I could not believe that a professional player could shoot a free throw that poorly, so I picked up my basketball for the first time in roughly twenty-five years, refilled it with air and walked over to the neighborhood court. (I used to be an 85 to 90% shooter at the stripe.)After missing five of the first ten shots, I found my stroke, and wound up hitting 73 out of 100, in 28 degree weather, and having to retrieve the ball after every toss. It's just caring enough to PRACTICE, Kosta!

Comment 02 Dec 2018

Just like last year, I do not care which team wins. Just as I did not do last year, I will not be watching any of the three games. This is not a case of sour grapes, it is just the fact that the team that I truly care about will not be participating. You had better believe that I will be camped in front of the TV for the Rose Bowl, however.

Comment 02 Dec 2018

Last night, OSU played fifty minutes of VERY good football, and then ten minutes of the worst football that they played all year. Those ten probably cost us the fourth spot, because it seems to me (and many other folks) that when it comes to OSU, the commission this year looks for any reason to discount their achievements. Perhaps that relates back to that whole Smith debacle, even though it has been virtually proven to be much ado about very little. Nevertheless, I think (1), that the vote will be close, and (2) that if the Buckeyes DO get in, Alabama will have its hands full. As much college football as I have watched in my 67 years upon this orb, I probably have seen a better performance than Haskins' last night, but I sure do not remember when.

Comment 25 Nov 2018

My gawd, but I was proud of our guys yesterday. If they go into the Northwestern game with the same attitude and attention to detail, then I feel sorry for the Wildcats. This said, (and I realize that the refs had a horrible day on Saturday) the Buckeyes CANNOT have as many penalties against NW as they did against Michigan. The Bucks must have given up 150 yards worth of them. I think that Northwestern is consistently the least penalized team in the FBS, to the tune of about 3 per game. Clean up those malfractions, and the Buckeyes have a great shot at a victory.

Comment 18 Nov 2018

I think that the game will be won or lost during the first half. If the Buckeyes continue their string (I exclude the MSU game) of games in which the opposition scores virtually at will, and the OSU defense looks like the sieve-ridden team of Pop Warner rejects that they did yesterday, then catching up against the Wolverines in the second half might be too tall an order. However, if Haskins comes out with both guns blazing, and the defense can make a couple of big plays. I can see the Buckeyes winning this game. C'mon Schiano/Grinch, make those adjustments sooner!

Comment 18 Nov 2018

It seems to me that Borland has been caught out of position on numerous occasions during (at least) the past several games. However, I just re-watched the final play of yesterday's set-to, and noticed that he was right in front of Pigrome, and bearing down on him, perhaps causing the Maryland QB to alter his throw slightly. That may have been the reason that he missed what appeared to me to be a wide-open receiver. Whatever the case, that was one of the most exciting games that ever I have witnessed, and needless to say, I am overjoyed that the Buckeyes prevailed.

Comment 16 Nov 2018

A fun, direct and informative read from one of my favorite people. I absolutely hated what happened to him immediately after Tattoogate, although it all worked out in the end. Still, I always think of the NCAA pummeling him for standing up for his players, but taking a "nothing to see here" attitude when Auburn (or some surrogate) paid Cam Newton's dad $160,000 to get his kid into a Tiger's uniform.

Comment 15 Nov 2018

After seeing several Haskins passes become slightly off-target because of that blamed crosswind in EL, and several drops probably for the same reason, I might get a look at the College Park weather report prior to making a guess at this one.

How about this: if there is a crosswind, then 27-13, Good Guys. If the skies are clear, with just an occasional breeze, then we will break 40. Say 45-14. 

Comment 13 Nov 2018

I am not too worried about Haskins. I counted five drops during the game, and I think that a lot of those were caused by that crosswind. It certainly affected the MSU QB's, too. One could see even the hardest throws by all of the signal callers wind up behind the intended receivers. I would LOVE to see those SEC pretenders, Tua and Fromm included, come northward and play in conditions similar to those which our Big Ten quarterbacks must endure. I would bet the ranch that any good northern team would glory-stomp the lot of them.

Comment 09 Nov 2018

Thanks to White, the Buckeye defense began to display some of it's old lustre during the second half last week. Then, during their last possession, Nebraska moved down the field as though it were playing against a bad Pop Warner team. I don't know whether the Buckeyes were simply in a "prevent" defensive mode, but it really disturbed me to see them being gouged in that situation. I think that if we fall behind early this week, (as often we have done this year) it will be doubly difficult to win the game. Conversely, if the defense has recovered some of it's old spark, I see OSU beating the Spartans by some score along the lines of 30-13. They are not a particularly good offense, and Bachie or no Bachie, Day and Wilson should, I think, be able to justify their salaries tomorrow.

Comment 08 Nov 2018

Here comes Ol' Pollyanna again: Our back seven looked better during the second half last week, (except for Nebraska's last drive, half of which, I presume, was because of our being in a sort-of prevent mode) and MSU's offense is decidedly not as effective as Big Red's. Gap integrity will be of paramount importance on Saturday, because you know that D'Antonio will have gadget plays dotting the menu. Lastly, if we can avoid too many early second-and-longs, we should be able to move the ball effectively through the air...and why not try a couple of trick plays of our own(?), like bringing Martell into the game, and letting him fling one when the defense is looking for him to run.

Comment 05 Nov 2018

I liked and agreed with the comments above, and here may be another idea: every team that we so far have played has used a variation of using the tight end to block, then releasing him into what invariably has been a wide-open area. That play has worked against the Buckeyes several times this season. Farrell has proven that he can catch the ball, so why not incorporate that scheme into the playbook? MSU has a good defense, one that flocks to the ball, but in this instance, that can be used against them.

Comment 05 Nov 2018

Call me a Pollyanna, but on Saturday, I saw signs that the Buckeyes are beginning to come around. The runners broke MANY tackles, Brandon White played like the second coming of Kurt Coleman, Luke Farrell is quickly becoming a real "go-to" tight end, the red zone offense showed some toughness, and the defense played really well during most of the second half. Okay, all of this was against Nebraska, but bear in mind that they are an up-and-coming team. If the Buckeyes are able to clean up the turnovers, and continue to decrease the number (and timing) of penalties, I foresee them beating MSU this weekend, and using the Maryland game as a stepping stone to whipping Michigan, too.

Comment 31 Oct 2018

I would give two molars and a bicuspid to see the Buckeyes play a great game. I cannot speak for any among the rest of the commenters here, but I saw the score of the Purdue game as being the result of penalties at key moments of the game. I feel secure in saying that IF OSU plays smarter, they will win, and IF they perform a lot smarter, then it may wind up somewhere in the vicinity of 48-20. Pollyanna that I often can be, I will stick with that number, in the hope that the week off will work it's magic.

Comment 18 Oct 2018

If the weather is as predicted, then I simply do not know what the outcome might be. If Haskins is able to throw his darts without worry, then I see a result similar to the Minnesota game, say, 27-21 Good Guys.