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Comment 30 Apr 2020

In a post of mine from a couple of years ago, I told the story of where I saw that 2002 championship game, which was in a nursing home where my grandmother lived. She was 97, and the greatest Buckeye fan that I ever knew. A stroke had taken away her ability to speak, but she could still clap her hands, and often did so at the OSU effort that evening. I can still hear the explosion of joyful cheering  from everyone who worked at the home, after Dorsey's last-gasp pass fluttered harmlessly to the turf, and I will never forget seeing Grandma clapping as hard as she could at the realization that her beloved Buckeyes had beaten the Canes. So thank you, Ramzy, for reminding me of maybe the most unforgettable moments that I ever had.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Did anyone else notice that in the picture which adorns this post, Swinney looks exactly like Max Patkin, the great baseball clown? Appropriate, yes?

I have spent the morning watching recent Clemson games, and two things struck me about their defense: they have one great linebacker, and they can be susceptible to the run. I think that if the Buckeyes can get the db's to cheat a bit to stop Dobbins, our quarterback will have a "Fields" day. One thing is certain: I will be be in Glendale, screaming my lungs out for the Buckeyes.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

This is the time when living in Santa Fe, NM will pay off. It is about a 7-hour drive from here to Glendale, plus, I have several friends with whom I can park my carcass overnight...and finally, I can sport my OSU hoodie and pullover where it actually will be appreciated. Like many, I am disappointed that the Buckeyes did not receive the #1 seed, but the commission otherwise did me a huge favor.

Comment 07 Dec 2019

I guarantee that you will like Rothenburg, Major. It is a walled city, with many great shops, and sightseeing galore. Another thing: if you or your bride like white wine, be careful. The wines in that region are good, (they usually are in what the Germans call Boxbeutel. Those bottles make great keepsakes.) but are strong as Hell. I recall sitting outdoors at a little cafe, and splitting a bottle with a pal. NEITHER of us were fit to drive thereafter. In any event, enjoy your trip!

Comment 03 Dec 2019

I hope to heck that the refs start calling holding violations again. I realize that we were playing in the Big House, but either the arbiters all were afflicted with myopia, or they simply were not going to call even the most egregious grabbing. I re-watched the game this morning, and saw four of the most obvious infractions imaginable against Young, and three others against Hamilton, Landers and (I think) M. Harrison. 

Comment 25 Nov 2019

ONE thing that Ryan should do is somehow (Maybe through Drake?) get word to the chairman of officials that the Penn State Refs were allowing holding on every play. I watched the game again yesterday, with my eyes trained upon their offensive line, and no kidding, I wonder if I saw a single play in which the Nits did NOT blatantly hold Young.

Comment 24 Nov 2019

I watched the Michigan/Indiana set-to yesterday, and came away thinking that the Buckeyes had better not have four fumbles again. I am fairly certain that Day will clean up those miscues, but it looks to me as though Michigan's offense has markedly improved. Granted, hitting wide-open receivers when the opponent's defensive line is unable to generate a pass rush looks to be easy, but Patterson seems to have found his sea legs. If the referees refuse to call even the most obvious holding (as they did not in yesterday's OSU game) it could be a very long day, indeed. This said, I think that Michigan's lack of a good running attack dooms them next Saturday, and if the officiating crew does not completely bend over in favor of the Wolverines, the Buckeyes will win.

Comment 15 Nov 2019

I am somewhat older than most who frequent these pages, so it is probable that many of the readers never even heard of "It Happens Every Spring," or an even better flick, the original "Angels in the Outfield." Both are quite funny and hugely entertaining, but the latter also contains one of the loveliest last five minutes of celluloid that it has been my privilege to have viewed. See them, you won't regret it.

Comment 13 Nov 2019

The sincerest "Welcome back, "Chase. Now, I think that I speak for the bulk of Buckeye Nation, when I ask that you sack Patterson a minimum of twice on the 30th, and grin thereafter in the direction of wherever Howard might be hiding in the Big House. 

Comment 28 Oct 2019

My heavens, there have been so many great games. I can narrow it down to two, though, those being: the 1997 Rose Bowl game, (Jake Plummer puts ASU ahead with a minute+ to go, then Joe Germaine puts the Buckeyes onto his back and snatches victory from the snapping jaws of defeat) and the 2002 Championship Game, mainly because I had the privilege of watching that set-to with my 97-year-old Grandmother, who, in my opinion, was the greatest OSU fan whoever donned a Scarlet and Grey outfit. By that time, a stroke had taken away many of her faculties, but when Cie Grant wrapped his mitts around Dorsey, and his pass fluttered harmlessly to the ground, she did all that she could do, which was clap and hoarsely tell "yaaaaay." 

Comment 27 Sep 2019

One of the most salient improvements that I have seen in the Buckeye's defense this year is in how well every single member of that group is tackling. They simply do not often miss, and this is especially true in the linebacker's play. Nebraska gained a lot of their running yards late in the Illinois game, frankly because the Illini D was exhausted, but earlier on, the home team were not exactly world-beaters on that front either. Nebraska does have a good ground attack, but they have not seen anything like the defense that they are about to face. OSU is playing like they are a team on a mission, and for that reason alone, I am not worried about this one.

Comment 18 Sep 2019

Miami really was a football force during the early to mid sixties, Rocket. My memory is a bit hazy, but I recall that they beat a couple of highly rated Big Ten teams, and went undefeated once or twice. Many among my high school friends wound up attending Miami, including a truly good buddy who have me a tour of Oxford and the campus one weekend. Great little town...Lastly, my best friend's uncle (His name is Dave Zeller) may have been the finest basketball player ever to play there.

Comment 13 Sep 2019

I don't know of a Buckeye bar in Santa Fe, NM, (where I have lived for about five years) but when I lived in Chicago, I frequented a really good one, called McGees. Normally the place was packed with Buckeye fans, and the beer selection was very good.

Comment 28 Aug 2019

I dreamt last night that I was in the Shoe, and looked up at the scoreboard. I saw 47-7 Good Guys. I'll take it, as my mother always said that I had psychic tendencies. (Or was that "psychotic?" I don't remember...)

Comment 21 Aug 2019

My partner, Judith, simply cannot stand football. Prior to EVERY Buckeye and Browns game, I am the recipient of the same litany: "I don't understand you. Why do you watch that stupid game(?)," ad nauseum. Thank the stars for the ability to "tape" games that may hold importance to the Buckeye's season, which are the only additional contests to which I pay attention. I have to watch them after she goes to bed, though...

Comment 08 Aug 2019

I am a zoologist by training, and thereby hate to see any animal in distress, (for any reason) Condor, but I have been chuckling at your post for the past fifteen minutes. Thanks for the ear-to-ear grin.