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    2. Meeting Jim Lachey before he was a hog at the Dayton airport
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Comment 17 Apr 2017

My first Buckeye game was a "Scarlet and Gray game" as my Mom put it.  My parents used it to gauge how much interest we had and if we could make it through a full game (we don't leave early).  Fast-forward 30+ years and I am a father of three young ladies. I began taking my oldest two years ago.  "If she gets too bored and we need to leave I think we will have gotten our $5 worth."  I'll be doing the same next year with her and her younger sister and then with all three of them the following (it's a long walk for a 5 year old).  Games are expensive yes and we need to save up for them, but I won't do that for the kids unless they show an interest and stay through the whole game.  They are getting better at home at least as they make it through most of the games.  My daughter loves TBDBITL and the Cheer Squad and then the football team. I'm really good with that as it is something we can all do together for a long time. Good God I love being a Buckeye!!!

Comment 21 Sep 2016

I change up the Old Fashioned and use Cherry Bitters as it makes it a bit sweeter for me.  Tried it with Tullamore Dew last night and it was so nice I had it twice.

Comment 01 Sep 2016

Did it get cold in here?  What are these bumps on my arms?   That. Was. Awesome!