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Comment 01 Sep 2017

Rumor has it Urban Meyer discovered his talent at a underground badminton game and offered him immediately. So yeah, he can play QB 

Comment 24 Aug 2017

Any chance these updates may come sooner than Tuesday since it's a short week? It's weird not having camp updates like last year to know what is going on and which players are practicing with the starters. More of a guessing game this year

Comment 23 Aug 2017

I never got to see Osweiler play before he came here, so I didn't really believe the reports of him being so bad. I am a full believer now. He nearly threw every single pass 2-3 yards off target. Kizer will no doubt have growing pains but I think he has a chance to be pretty decent

Comment 23 Aug 2017

Honestly next year could be as close to a complete rebuild as we've seen in a long time. Losing our QB, best two OL, TE and possibly our starting RB and a few WRs. Add in a the coaching changes as well because Schiano will be gone and you never know who else. So that's essentially a complete new offense and defense plus a new coordinator

Comment 22 Aug 2017

All the articles from Dallas are still saying it will be hard to Brown to make the 53 man roster. They already have 3 solid starting WR's in Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, and Cole Beasley with Ryan Switzer and Brice Butler also prospects that they do not want to cut. So, they would have to keep 6 wide receivers if Brown stayed and he isn't helping himself by getting kicked out of practice for fighting and throwing cheap shots on punters

Comment 21 Aug 2017

Interesting to hear they are changing the scheme. We have been decent in rush defense, but not great. Only cracking the top 10 once in the last 7 years and usually ending up between 15-20th. I think change is needed though because using Clemson as a comparison; they had 43 more TFL and 21 more Sacks than Ohio State last year. Those are huge differences for two similarly ranked teams

Comment 18 Aug 2017

Mike Weber will take the first handoff of the year to the house

Barkley will have his worst season so far and will choose to sit the remainder of the season out after Penn State starts 3-4

Comment 17 Aug 2017

It's amazing how well this Indians roster has evolved even from last year. Adding Encarnacion, Bruce, Gomes, Zimmer, Jackson, Brantley, Urshela and then you add Carrasco and Salazar in the rotation on a team that was 1 run away from winning a world series.  They have upgraded at every single position and even added a ridiculous amount of depth

Comment 17 Aug 2017

To me, it looked like it hit more on his arm than his wrist and the way he was hanging it and shaking it makes me think just a bad bruise....I hope

Comment 16 Aug 2017

I was hoping for the same thing, but then he swung 3 seconds too early on a change up for strike three. Tito is in a tough spot because Zimmer's upside is a potential star and could be a huge asset in the playoffs if he gets his hitting together, but Chisenhall has shown to be pretty consistent and had some key hits last year. I think he will start splitting their time and see who produces more

Comment 16 Aug 2017

At this point I'm not sure if he would disagree either. He had to be discouraged last night with the bases loaded and no outs and he failed to even put the bat on the ball

Comment 16 Aug 2017

She is kind of like unfrosted pop tarts or that magician store in a strip mall; just makes you wonder what keeps them around

Comment 15 Aug 2017

With it being a Thursday night game, I'm guessing Gameday would wait until around 5-6 to set up since there are no other games to really talk about and it is a work day. As for things to do, you could stop at Hoosier Gym in Knightstown on your way over there and see where Jimmy Chitwood laced them up. Never been there but I've heard its pretty cool

Comment 10 Aug 2017

Terrible news. What's going on this last years draft class? Samuel, Conley, Hooker, Lattimore, and now McMillan have all dealt with pretty serious injury concerns so far plus Donte Wilson got dropped for health reasons 

Comment 10 Aug 2017

He is back with the Clippers after his collapse last year when pitchers figured out that he can't hit high fastballs. Bradley Zimmer sort of took his place as the new hot prospect but now he is on a downward slide as well

Comment 10 Aug 2017

I would have to agree. His .285 OBP is the worst of all starters on the team and has to be the worst of any lead off hitter in the league. I guess they have to let him try to work it out though