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Comment 09 Jun 2019

Past results are not a guarantee of future success. I would not underestimate our rivals. Pride and overconfidence often precede the unexpected great fall, as many teams have learned to their dismay.

Having said that, I do have cautious optimism that we will all be very happy at the end of this year's game in Ann Arbor even though we are currently the underdog in that game..

Comment 10 May 2019

I’ve been a Bucknuts subscriber for years and have seen posters downvoted overwhelmingly for saying anything like that about the Meyer era. As great as it was, I too really appreciate the “bold” realistic assessment culminating with the daring statement that there is indeed “room for improvement”. I like the Ryan Day swagger and am really looking forward to this coming season with him as the head coach with an essentially new defensive staff. We’ll soon see where Day takes this team as head coach and I’m very optimistic.

Comment 29 Mar 2019

My cousin, who was closer to my mother’s age than mine, retired early from his position as EVP of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals to spend more time with family primarily but also for his faith. He had more than enough money and didn’t need to work any more.

I’ll take Schiano at his word unless there is concrete information to the contrary.

Comment 26 Feb 2019

I’m surprised that no one has commented on the super-impressive recruiting efforts of Ryan Day in not only recruiting these two great transfer athletes but also in securing commitments from Zach Harrison and others. My sense is that Coach Day will continue to impress on the field and lead the Buckeyes back to the playoffs as B1G Ten Champions.

I’m very excited about Buckeye football this coming season despite the retirement of Meyer as I have full confidence in Coach Day’s ability to field a national championship contender.

Comment 10 Jan 2019

I too am definitely looking forward to what Washington does with the Buckeye linebacker corps. It will be great to have a pair of qualified fresh eyes looking at our linebackers and ensuring that the best players get developed and actually play. It will also be great to see what our new co-defensive coordinators do with scheme and positioning of our elite players.

I really like what Ryan Day is doing thus far in doing his best to fix something that was quite obviously broken. I'm excited to watch how this team develops under Day's guidance as it appears that there will no longer be any favoritism towards senior players and full accountability demanded from under-performing coaches.