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Comment 21 Sep 2016

I read a comment recently that the Joebots are more interested in preserving Paterno's legacy than having a winning program today.   Frankly, it will take 20 years for them to get over Paterno.  It toolk us until 2002 to get over Woody.   Took Bama about 20 years to get over Bear.   Maybe by 2032 that can be a national contender again.

Comment 06 Jun 2016

I was in Belize City last week and got an O-H from a local trying to sell me a snorkel tour!

Comment 07 Sep 2015

The Goldberg entrance.

Imagine Cardale coming out of the lockeroom wearing a championship belt, flanked by police, cameras following him down to the end of the tunnel.  Then fireworks go off and he breathes in the smoke and exhales it through his nose!

Comment 13 Jul 2015

Schlegel can be the new "Terry Tate, office linebacker!"

Comment 14 Jan 2015

Dude, Baylor beat TCU.  They deserved to be Big 12 champs over you.  Take care of business by winning all your games and you don't need to worry about any committee, and you don't need to come whining here.


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