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Comment 03 Dec 2018
I noticed that interaction too. Watched it a few times. LJ was beside himself. Almost looked as if Jackson freelanced and got smoked then refused to come out. Young was standing there watching almost in disbelief.
Comment 31 Oct 2018
Being the occasional optimist, I'm hoping they can turn it around. I lacked confidence in the '14 defense all the way through the uofm game. They came out and played championship style D the final 3 games. This defense is disjointed but they have the players. Hopefully Schiano and co can bring them together and restore some pride.
Comment 29 Aug 2018
I just watched this video and, in the afterglow/rage, I came to a realization. There needs to be a show of solidarity and support for the team by Buckeye Nation. Something that says, "We know this whole trainwreck has been forced upon you. We love you and appreciate you coming together as galvanized brothers in arms". We expect excellence from the team, coaching staff, support staff, everyone involved. They should be able to expect the same from us. More than just showing up and cheering them on. Something that says we've got your back. It would also serve a double purpose of showing all the haters out there that they can trash the machine all they want. We're not going anywhere. It needs to be something lawful of course and would probably be best organized by students with the savy to get the word out.
Comment 22 Aug 2018
I don't worry too much about the wr recruiting. I know there will be a tremendous need and zs was an ace recruiter but I expect big things from Brian Hartline and his group this season. I can't imagine kids won't want to play for Hartline. Young dude, energetic, actually contributed to his teams at Ohio State and in the NFL. Match all that with good numbers in the passing game along with a strong season and Ohio State is picking from the top prospects.