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Comment 28 Dec 2017

Not long after roasting Landof10 and Kyle Rowland in his "Worst Takes Of 2017" article DJ quotes both of them in today's Skull Session. My guess is that Kyle is an alias for DJ and Landof10 is "owned" by DJ! I doubt Landof10 is even a real company... DJ just re-purposed his old geocities account for the website and an old twitter account just so he could create controversy to write about in his Skull Session column.

We have been snookered by DJ all along. Now the question is, what is his real name! My guess it is not DJ and, definitely, not Kyle!

Just when you thought you were getting to know someone...

Comment 21 Dec 2017

Don't forget, this is not the end, it is only the beginning of this years end of the recruiting cycle. I think that by February we will forget all about the ones we "lost" on December 20, 2017 and be extremely happy with the ones we gained!

In Urban, and the coaching/recruiting staff, I trust! End with Smith, Walker, Petit-Frere, Barnes, and one surprise DE and/or safety and I, for one, will be happy!

Comment 26 Oct 2017

El Chaleco psychologically damaged that program forever. May the FBI and CIA never apprehend him.

Love the reference to the Vest, Jim Tressel! El Chaleco makes him sound more bad-ass than just "the Vest"! Tressel will always hold a special place in my heart because of the Natty and what he did to ttun during his reign as El Chaleco! May he live out his days in peace in WITSEC as president of YSU!

Comment 17 Oct 2017

Given all the talk surrounding Cox and other DE targets has your outlook changed on who we end up with? Who do you think we ultimately end up with on the D-Line, specifically the DE position. I think we are solid at the DT position for 2018. 

Thanks for all you do and for putting up with our questions!

Comment 04 Oct 2017

Parris Campbell is Ohio State's best wide receiver. KJ Hill is Ohio State's second best receiver. Neither are losing snaps to a guy coming off an injury who has only flashed against backups and poor competition.

What are you basing this on?

Catches per game? Yards - or total yards - per game? YPC? TD's?

Just curious?

Comment 04 Oct 2017

Not sure this was worthy of an entire thread...

I'm sorry... would the MOD please delete the thread! Chaz feels this topic isn't worthy of discussion!

Comment 04 Oct 2017

For me, and maybe it's just that the drops that I see from PC are memorable, I feel like he has at least 1 drop every game that I fell he should catch and it comes on 3rd down. I may be completely wrong, but, again that just may be a result of the timing of his drops.

Comment 04 Oct 2017

Coaches will not make a change. What baffles me is instead of trying to use his strengths, they are intent on running him deep. If they give him dump offs,screens, and slants I think he could be magical. Running him deep is just not the answer.

I agree! He may be the one receiver I would be ok giving the 'ole "touch pass" too every once in a while!

Comment 29 Sep 2017

and every single one features a menu slightly thicker than a medium-sized city’s Yellow Pages, a mildly-disinterested wait staff, and will bring out your food so quickly that you will wonder if it was teleported there

I can concur with this. I was forced to go to New Jersey for work once - I was there four days - and we found a diner to eat at and the menu was as thick as a phone book, service was fast, and the food was good.

Hated everything else about New Jersey, though!

Comment 28 Sep 2017

Hard to judge Campbell as a real threat until he can show that he can catch a ball

But can, will he, he throw?