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Comment 25 Mar 2014

Stan is paraphrasing Tress' "pair and a spare" rb philosophy:  "I’m always going to operate under the notion I need at least three [guys],” Drayton said. “I need at least three, and there’s five of them."

Hard as it is to admit, Coach B has built a really good program for TTUN. Their offense is so good, reliance on tOSU-style D is not required. The O allows them to stay out of foul trouble.

Good luck to Q and ADV. ADV will be solid for the Parmesano Reggianos!

Comment 23 Mar 2014

Great opportunity for the young Bucks!

i highly recommend both of Luttrell's books, "Lone Survivor" and "Service".

We should thank our Creator daily for men & women who prepare and sacrifice to defend the USA.

Comment 20 Mar 2014

Disappointing, but not necessarily a surprise. Even so, this has put a damper on (my) enthusiasm for the 2014 tournament.

One must appreciate what Thad has accomplished whilst at tOSU: a run, at worst, to the Sweet 16 every year!

Comment 20 Mar 2014

You, Sir, are correct. In that situation, if you get a good opportunity, the shot must be taken.

Comment 16 Mar 2014

If we play great D v the Flyers, bad offense will not matter. However, that formula against 'Cuse will likely not yield a Sweet 16 trip for the good guys.

Comment 16 Mar 2014

It is difficult to think the winner could/should come from Sports or The Arts.  How does Paul Tibbets receive a 16? Tecumseh is a very solid 4.

This will be great fun!  The next contest should be comprised of the top 64 11W commenters.  BuckFly would be a top 4 seed.

Comment 07 Mar 2014

The Little General, from down the road in Somerset, casts a vote for Uncle Billy.


Comment 02 Mar 2014

I am disappointed, but not surprised.

Although he kept the Bucks in the game, I wish Thad had kept Q on the bench for the remainder of the game.

Only Q and Loving have sound shooting mechanics.  (Loving is not quite ready for prime time.)

Comment 01 Mar 2014

The Schott is a beautiful facility. It is uncertain whether it will ever achieve the ambiance of SJA. It can if the students and other seat holders exhibit the same passion accorded tOSU football.

Me thinks the ascension of the hoops program is more a function of Thad Matta. (I acknowledge the recruiting assist provided by the newer facilities.)

Thanks for the Sylvester video! Gus is, flat-out, the best at calling basketball.

Comment 24 Feb 2014

TTUN is a good team.  They always have, at least, 3 pretty good ball handlers on the floor who can create/get to the hoop.  They might be running away from the pack if their Big had not been lost for the season.  That said, it would be pleasing if they were to win 0 games the remainder of this year.

Comment 24 Feb 2014

Kirk H agrees with your assessment:  Mike Thomas IS the next Bam Childress.

As the Lantern recently completed their investigations of Richard Nixon and the Vietnam War, the sins of the athletic dept move into the spotlight.

Comment 19 Feb 2014

Like so many other football factory schools, NW is challenged in hoops.

This could be an opportunity for Loving to contribute for a second consecutive game.

However, for most of the remainder of the season, Loving is still learning, needs more strength and will not be a consistent contributor.  Our 7-footer needs to provide more on offense than a 26-feet from the basket screen.

What you see is what you get with this team:  defense will keep them in all games;  offense could lose all games.

Comment 19 Feb 2014

Did this take place at the 'Shoe or in late October on Court Street?  If memory serves correct, this was in Cols and, that day, their mascot led the Cats in tackles.

The more important issue facing the spirit team:  When can we update/completely change the mascot outfit?