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Comment 27 Jan 2019

I thought KJ Hill would lead the team in catches and yards.

I thought Dobbins would have a better year.  Not that he had a bad year but I was thinking a Hyde or Zeke type of year.

Nailed Haskins as a Heisman contender.  For a buckeye homer, not a huge leap, but he did not get a ton of love at that level from national press.  

Comment 14 Dec 2018

Best answered by me:)  Opinion and Prediction

Haskins and Weber should and will.  Haskins is a top ten pick so that is a no brainer.  Running back don't usually have long careers in the NFL.  He should get started before taken on more mileage at this level.  

Hill, Mack and Victor could up their stock by coming back I think.  Losing the Fab 3 seniors will open up reps for bigger numbers. I think Hill will leave and Mack and Victor will stay.  Victor is a lock to stay.  One more year of polishing up the rough edges and he can make a lot of money.

Arnette should and will stay.  Sheffield should stay but will leave.  Jordan should stay but will leave.  Fuller should and will go.  Harrison upped his stock late in the year.  He could benefit from a full year at a higher level of play and should stay and I think he will.

Comment 28 Nov 2018

We need to start a movement.  "This is not a Playoff" because it isn't.  It is an invitational tournament!  The NFL has a playoff.  Rules are followed based on results of games played.  That is not what this is.  If you want a "playoff" you have to have rules.  I propose a couple rules.  You have to win your conference championship game.  Hum...  That one kills 2 birds with one stone.  You could not have 2 teams from the same conference and you would have to play in a conference.  However, if you truly want a "playoff" expand to 8 teams.  The winners of the BIG, SEC, Pac 12, Big12, ACC, the next  3 ( you choose because I don't care) are ranked and wham you have a Playoff.

The conference championship games become "playin" games.